Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas time in Africa...

Just a note to say what we have accomplished this year. We moved to Africa. That is a big one. We have started our new positions here on ABC Campus. Bob is thriving teaching at the College. The students have enjoyed his classes and many stop me to tell so. We have impacted the community around us doing outreaches with the students. I ( Amy) have helped set up the xray department to run more efficient and also have done many off hour xrays here. Nya has started Kindergarten and started to read. She is loving having new friends and trying to find food she likes ( she is like her mother in that area) it should taste American. She loves the deer we now have, her very own Rudolph. Analise is loving life. Potty training, learning chichewa and is so excited when we pull up to our campus and exclaims with enthusiasm "We're home!"
So as we adjust to "We're Home" We will continue to update our little stories- Merry Christmas! Amy Louise

Merry Christmas...

Here are some pictures from my friends camera that I stole for a weekend. I took pictures of the Monkey that we didn't keep and my friend Christina dancing with Analise. Last weekend the Ambassador of United States had a Christmas Party and even Santa showed up. They girls loved it after the shock.

Christina and Analise dancing to Christmas Music

The monkey that was brought to our house but we didn't keep( Thank the Lord, I don't need another animal!)

The girls not too sure

Nya and her friend Sydney from School at the Christmas Program
The school christmas program with 300 hundred kids- they were soooo good and cuteUs at the Christmas Party at the Ambassador's House About 200 Americans showed up. We had to have our passports to get in. Official!

Nya and our friends that live on Campus. The 2 girls on the right are our neighbors
Not too sure
Okay we can do it!Our christmas tree that I had shipped on the container. I love it! It is perfect Size

So here are the stockings that I sewed! WOW I know I have never touched a sewing machine until this. Have a wonderful Christmas! Love- Amy louise

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas from us in Africa!!!

As it has been raining at least for the last 5 days. It is feeling officially chilly at 70 degrees and grey skies. What a treat to wear a sweatshirt! We are even wearing socks once in awhile. well-
All the students have gone home and many of the staff have traveled back to america and so the campus is feeling quiet. We will spend Christmas here each other and were able to give others a good christmas too. That was fun. Just wanted to connect with you all and with a wonderful Christmas and great New year. Remember we love and miss you- Amy Louise for the family...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Working to Survive...

Today I went with my friend Dennis (he is on the newsletter we sent out over thanksgiving) to get some Maise (corn and it is not sweet corn they call it Nsima) They eat it everyday here. It is a staple! It is yuck for me. I think it is an aquired taste! So we went to get about a 50 kg bag for some workers here. It cost about 12 dollars to last about 2 months. Anyways they buy the bag and have to take the corn mill and have it ground down to make the nsima. These women that work at the mill work soooo hard all day. I asked Dennis how much money do these women make a day. I was thinking about 1 dollar a day or something like that. It took my breath away when they said they don't get paid. They work for the little bit of leftover food everyday. So a tiny little bucket of food and that what they get. My heart sank. You look in these women's eyes and you can see the hopelessness! I remembered what the vcrse that God taught me this summer- "Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." Romans 12:13 So my heart jumped I gave Dennis some money to give them and I got to hug and kiss them. Malawians are not huggy people but with a tall white girl asking for it they can't deny it. They were crying by the time we left. Me too. I really am faced daily with people asking for money and help with food and I never know what are scams or not. But these women didn't ask, they are just working to live. I respect that. They didn't expect anything. They didn't beg. They just worked and I got to see their heart encouraged. Especially mine. Thank you to you who support us because you get to support them. Those women who daily work to survive. What a joy to know that we can be used in our daily sphere we call life and those people that come into our sphere. What a joy to serve the King! Love you all- Amy Louise

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Malawi Style...

So this last week was fun. We were healthy to start off with. Really Nobody sick! Yippee! Thank you for your prayers. We started the week off quiet by Wednesday I was helping decorate our Gym for the Christmas College Banquet. We set up for 350 people. That is including the staff and students. It was such a lovely dinner. Music and fun hang out time. I got to greet at the door! Oh so much fun. All the college girls came all decked out. The next night Nya had her Christmas Program! 300 KIDS! And about 600 parents. It was a packed house! They sang and did a christmas skit. There were 31 countries represented there. So cute! Never did I think I would be apart of something like that. Then the next day Nya had her Christmas Parties and then we started our first official Christmas vacation. Nya was beside herself that she doesn't have to go to school for a whole month. Below we took off on Saturday to visit the lake. It was fun, warm water and great memories for the girls. They were in the water the entire time. Then it came another animal across our path. Someone had got it off the side of the road and they didn't know what to do with it. So of course we will take it. It is not that we don't have enough animals along with the tortoise, spider, chamelion, and dolly. We need another. A baby deer. it is called a bush buck and the malawians eat it. So now we are raising it until we can't anymore and we will take it to the sactuary refuge for wild animals. So below is Analise at the lake right before we left. My friend Bethany used her camera to get these shots.

Analise looking so old.

Putting the deer they (nya) are calling Faline (off of the Bambi Movie)

The animal lovers loving the New Addition

Here is Bob tackling the daily driving hazards of Malawi

Oh by the way we have a deer in our house! Actually Dolly gets along with the deer.

The tortise named GeorgeThe Spider named you are so scary. It is as big as your hand. And it crawls super fast.Papa feeding the baby! He is bonding there! Papa and the Baby!

So that all for now. We are adjusting better to Africa as we are healthy. The daily stories I wish I had time to tell. Like for example, I am potty training Analise and we were in the biggest grocery store that Lilongwe has and Analise had to go to toilet! Mommy was making sure she did too. During that trip we went about 4 times. Well to get to the potty we had to go past these guards. Everytime I went past them, I had to be throughly frisked and patted down and it was a serious pat down.(by a woman guard) Every thing was checked, I mean everything Seriously people, we are just going to the potty! It sure is not like I am stealing things and flushing them down the toilet. After the 3rd time I just looked at them, It is just the potty! Maybe they didn't know what I was doing I even tryed to explain potty training. Yeah right. I miss the good old days when you are rushing to the Bathroom in Target to make it to the "potty"and you can push your cart in there! No pat downs just strolling in there with all my stuff! Barely making around the corner with my cart full of stuff. Anyways just a small story. Love you lots and merry Christmas- Amy louise

Monday, December 17, 2007

WOW only 9 more days...

So we have been so busy! I wanted to let you that we are healthy and feel very loved by those care packages, prayers and emails and love- I will write more hopefully tonight. plus pictures of our new addition. We borrowed a friends camera...Just know I miss you all and loved talking with some of you! Love- amy louise

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's sad not to add new pictures...

I crave to do it. Just like the moments I find out that we don't have water, I am soo thirsty and want a shower. Even though 5 minutes before I was fine. I long to get pictures to you all. I think daily that would be a great picture or I should video the Christmas Concert here at ABC we had on Friday. I can't :( As far as we know our camera is still missing. So I will have to get a new camera as soon as I can. They are 3 times as much here so I will hopefully getting one from Amazon. And have a friend bring it.
But I did want share what we did have here at our house on Thanksgiving. Remember I was sick sick sick on that day and our internet was down. But At the Stauffy's Zoo (as we are know on campus) We had a real live turkey. Bob wanted to keep it forever with the conditions that it wasn't loud and didn't wake up Analise since it was right next to her window. Well- it wasn't loud but it pooped way too much. Bob had to clean that up too. So after day 3 he was sick of the poop. So he did not stay. But I did find out the female turkey call and made it and he puffed and looked beautiful and I took that picture. We have had a monitor lizard, every other lizard, a tortise, a chicken, every kind of spider and various bugs. I know that you are jealous. He wants a monkey next. If he has deal with the Poop (Big what we call it) That will be a passing fancy. Anyways just some fun notes for you... Love and miss you And 15 days till Christmas! Amy louise

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Our paper snail mail we sent out...

Hey there for those that didn't get to read our update that we sent out over thanksgiving...
Dear friends and family,

Happy Thanksgiving…We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Africa for the first time, and with lots to be thankful for. We have been here in Malawi, Africa for almost 4 months. WOW! We are adjusting quickly to life here on campus and slowly to life here in Malawi. Fortunately time here in Africa comes in abundance…

What’s happening with us?
• Bob has been teaching Genesis, Ephesians and World Religions
classes at the college and a High School Bible Class at the academy
• Amy has been busy being a momma, helping at the clinic in the
x-ray department, and ministering to the women at the college
• Nya is in Kindergarten and has made many new friends. She
loves her teacher and really has started to read! Yippee!
• Analise has loved every minute of being here in Malawi. She loves being with Momma each day; going to local African villages; and playing with the locals without any fear. She relates well to everyone and everybody. She is even talking a little bit of

What’s happening on campus?
• Students are finishing their first semester…just 3 weeks away.
• The building process for the pediatric ward has begun. This
ward will be built next to the main clinic in order to serve as a
hospital for the children in the local villages
• The students here on campus have been serving the
communities weekly through various outreaches, which have
proven to very impactful.

What are we thankful for?
• We have know we are right where God wants us to be.
• We have good friends already.
• We are making an impact for Africa – we have had many
students who have expressed much appreciation for the
teaching, servitude, and commitment God has given us.

What do we need prayer for?
• Health – Moving here to Malawi has taken a little toll on our immune systems.
• We currently need a car that can transport more than just our family. So often we have to turn down requests from students and staff who want to go to church with us or who want to go on outreaches into the villages, etc. We are looking to raise about $5000. This would help us buy an 8 passenger vehicle.
• That God would protect our family against harm and that we
would not allow Satan to have any way into our lives.
• Travel safety -as this country has a very high traffic fatality rate.

Support and Contact Information:
• Email us at: or
• Follow our Blog with our Africa stories at:
• Stateside address: Stauffacher Family
c/o Susie Pearson 5418 N. Jefferson Spokane, WA 99205

• Malawi Address: African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher’s
P.O. Box 1028
Lilongwe, Malawi
S.E. Africa

• If you are supporting us monthly or have a one-time gift, please make the check payable to “African Bible College” with “Stauffacher’s” in the memo line, and include your address, phone number, email and if it is a monthly or one-time gift. The ABC will send you a receipt each month and they will include an envelope for the next month. The mailing address
for this is:
African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher Family
P.O. Box 103
Clinton, MS 39060

• All checks written to ABC are tax deductible. Your donations are
so much appreciated.

With Love- Bob, Amy, Nya & Analise Stauffacher

Our 1st day of no sickness in a month...

Yippee! So what do we do to celebrate. Who knows! As for right analise is in her ballerina dance outfit and dancing to christmas music! I say right on let's dance. It is amazing to be healthy. I have heard from so many of you that you have dealt with sickness also. Sorry! We been really thankful for our campus. They have really rallied behind us, besides once in while asking what is up with that Stauffacher family. First the dog missing and found, then sick for a month. But really when you serving Christ is Satan going to try and take you down. He has been busy trying but he doesn't know he has already lost. We are more than conquerers in Christ and really we have life eternal. So what ever he tries we have that hope! Anyways- that my story as of now. We still are missing our camera so sorry no pictures or movies. I will have to buy a new one but I won't get it until after January 15th so please know I would love to post pictures... Lots of love- Amy Louise

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You would have loved being at my house last night...

So last night we had 6 freshman students in our house for dinner last night. It was a meeting to plan the upcoming trip 5 hours away in one of the Students village. They are planning to show the Jesus film and do evangelism and discipleship there with one of the local churches. It was so refreshing to hear their hearts and how excited they are to go and share and make a difference in their hometown. Blessings ( the freshman who had this on his heart to do it) recruited 6 students to go with Bob (Bob is his Genesis teacher here) in March to do this about 5 hours north of here. There are 3 girls and 4 guys and Bob. Their excitement to clearly share the gospel and impact these people's lives was refreshing and so neat to hear their heart as they want more for these people that live in this village that I don't remember the name of. So Blessings, Gordon, Joseph, don't know the other guys name, Fannie, Wanuga, and Funa will go with Bob to Blessings hometown which is a rural village and share the hope that has transformed their lives. So the bigger car comes in handy for this. I wish i had my camera so I could of given you a picture of it. But they are fun, teasy, passionate kids that range from 19-24 going on this trip. They are what this campus embodies. Teaching Africans to reach Africans. They do it best. And We meaning Bob- gets to be apart of it for real. Me I stay home and pray for them! Of course I want to go! But where would we sit! :) On the top! Anyways just a snipet of our nights here in Malawi.

So Analise is feeling better, no more fever just crankies! Maybe 2 year old crankies or maybe tired of being sick crankies. Who knows she can't tell me even though I ask. But sadly Nya got a fever last night and it is throat infection that is going around campus. So I officially say that are in the moving to a new country sickies. We are really done being sick! But we have to continue to press on! So I am doing better, Analise better but cranky, Nya on antibiotics and Bob is doing pretty good. We love you all and miss home a lot these days. Applebees anyone! I would love to go to have my Oriental chicken salad! I miss it. Sure I would love to go shopping at Target! Just for nothing and walk out with 5 bags of nothing...I miss it. Anyways blah blah blah! Love - amy louise

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am back...

So thank you for your love and prayers. On day 10 I was up and by day 11 I was moving and doing things. Wow What a difference to be healthy. I am so glad to be back to normal whatever normal is. Analise is the one who is sick again. What more sickness you maybe thinking so did I. She has had a fever for the last 2 days. It could be random like 2 year old molars coming in late or it could be another virus. Could I ask that we continue the prayer! I really have deep faith that God hears our prayers and it really has blessed me to see how many people are with us on this journey. Thank you to all of you and you know who you are who email us and continue to pray and support us! We feel loved and cherish and WOW Loved! Nya is doing well- She has an empty left leg as my mother would say. She is loving finding foods that taste like America foods. She is picky like her momma! She has found some yougurt that is from South Africa actually it is Dannon they have it in the stores here pretty cheap. She loves that. And I found some good orange juice that she loves. She took one sip and said did you bring this from America. I said no it is from Here WOW she said I love it. Good. Baby steps to loving american tasting food in africa. A family brought homemade cinnimon rolls here to us today and she said it tasted like america. Well - that what her life revolves around. "Do you taste like america?" We love you all and wish we could share more with you like pictures but my camera is missing at the moment. So a small prayer that I find that too. You want pictures right and videos right. So thanks and will update soon- love amy louise