Dear Professor Bob -
I write to convey the message of thanks giving to you for the kind
spirit you have been showing to the entire MDIV class. You have been
working hard to support us in many ways including having lunch with
your family at home. You have been sourcing money for our tuition. To
be honest as an individual, a word of thanks is not enough to you but
you need more than that; thats special blessings from our Lord Jesus
Christ. He has to bless you and the family fully  more than what you
want because of your love. Without your care and support, I couldnt
have been at ABC til this time, but I am because of the love of Jesus
Christ which is being reflected in you Bob. Its my first time to meet
a professor who goes down to the needs of his students. I have learnt
something from your life. Remain blessed Bob and I love you. My wife
too doesnt understand the way you have been caring her
husband(Maurice) as if we were raised together under one roof. You are
a blessing to the MDIV class and mainly myself who could have been
dropped by now due to fees.  Zikomo kwambiri.

May The Almighty God the Lord bless you abundantly. You are a blessing
to your family too.