Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loving the moments that I have right now...

I am so ready to be done cooking this baby boy!  What a treat to know that it is about 3 weeks away.  But today I am so reminded to enjoy these last few days that I have with my girls and by myself.  Soon I will be needed by a little helpless cute baby!  So I am deciding to love the right and now.  So funny how much I remind myself that I head to the future!  Well- we will keep you posted!  As for now I am off to finish the dishes.  That is what I got right here and now!

love- amy louise

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Nya at 6 days old... She was 2 days early!

Analise at 4 days old- she was born at 35 weeks...
Baby Boy Stauffy at 35 weeks!

Amazing that Analise came out at 35 weeks and was healthy. For this baby boy stauffy we got 4 more weeks to go if all goes as planned. We are not promised anything, but we assume that we get it once it is our hands. Trusting that God for this journey. Loving (and not loving too) that I get to daily and moment by moment surrender my plans and look to His face for grace for today! Thank you for all who email me and tell me that you are praying for us. It has carried us in ways that - we won't even know! What a treasure to have amazing people like you going in the trenches for us. Love you for that! Love- all of us

Monday, September 12, 2011

Need information from you if you want to stay updated with these cute people

Hello sweet friends- As we head back to Malawi in about 3 months- I need to update our snail mail addresses. We will be sending out our new magnets and prayer info to you. If you have moved over the last 5 years, you want to confirm that I have the right address or you want to be on the list- please email me back or at amystauffacher@yahoo.com. Thanks- It will help stay in touch as we head over to Africa for another 3 years... :)

Love- Amy for the stauffy family

Friday, September 09, 2011

does this say it all?

This is not my favorite picture but I am at the feeling that "I am done" stage! This baby boy is about 5 weeks away from coming! We can't wait! I know that every pregnant mama feels the same thing at this point! I don't think I have any more space... Oh but he is going to get bigger. So we wait! :)