Friday, June 25, 2010

We made it to the land of seriously... PLENTY!

WoW! This beautiful land that we call Home in Delicious Sunny San Diego! Just today- Analise just asked if even the spoon (as she was eating breakfast) was ours - her then statement was "We have a lot of stuff mom!" Well- it is true all around. We are so tremendously blessed to move back into our home! We are so tremendously blessed to have an abundance of friends who spoil us rotten! We are so tremendously blessed to go into ONE grocery store and get all the things we want or need! We are living with a huge shift in our perspective. We live with that understanding that in other parts of the world ( especially where we live in Malawi ) don't have what we have here. We live blessed, blessed and amazingly blessed. In other words- We have all that we would ever want or need in a car ride away or a click a away (since everyone has internet on their phone). We live blessed and definitely don't take it for granted. We love being home! It is so familiar and so cozy! It is a daily treat to wake up in our home. Seriously scrumptious!

Here are the girls reading books from the local library!

The house we are so very blessed to live in! Seriously!

So as we continue on here in land of AMAZING! We remember the Land we just came from. We want live balanced but it is hard to do. To live with continual perspective is hard when it is not in our face daily. It will wear off. We love that land called Africa. It has left the biggest imprint in our lives. That amazing land, the amazing people and the amazing sunsets! We already miss it. But this is a time to rest and connect with our people! We will be headed to Spokane in 21 days and would love to see alot of you. Connect with me if you want to see us!

Thank you again for loving us, encouraging us and blessing us! We are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives. Love- all of us!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Teachers Needed

An international christian school here where we serve is looking for teachers. ABC Christian Academy is looking to have teachers. They would have to raise their support to live here in Malawi. It is about 1500 dollars a month to live here as a single teacher. For a married couple it is about 2500 dollars a month. Let me know if you are interested. This is a journey that has changed our lives. We do work with the college side of ABC - but Bob does work at the high School. Definetly it is challenging and hard at times, but we want to come back so that must say something big.

Going on a High School retreat to the mountains!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

a prayer newsletter....

The family on Tina's Baccalaureate Service. She is absoutetly stunning...
Some of the girls of my senior ladies Bible Study. Love them.... These are the people that are changin Africa!

I love that this is where we are and this is where we are making a difference. For now over 3 years we have been able to change and impact lives here in Africa. What a privilege. Definitely our lives have been changed forever and impacted more than we can ever imagine. Thank you for being apart of it. Your prayers and financial support has carried us this far. We so appreciate it. Words seem so little when the appreciation goes so deep.

We have been so blessed to see God provide over these last 3 years for our every need. Physical and Spiritual. IT is humbling to be dependent on Him and see Him use people to impact our lives. HUMBLING!

Please continue to pray as we will travel on June 12th ( My 35th birthday! ) to head to San Diego. That is 38 hour flight. Oh Joy! We plan to live there for this next year while we are on home assignment (Which will be absolutely delicious). We then will be headed to Spokane in August to connect with family and friends. We are praying to be able to travel to east coast also via car. So more specific dates and places to come. We hope to meet with as many of our supporters and our churches as we can. Email me if you are interested in seeing us. We would love to connect...

Please continue to pray as our time here is winding down that we will not get sick and will be able to finish well.

Please pray as we will need a car when we get there. As we are living in San Diego, which is not the cheapest place to live and living on missionary support will not be enough. Bob will be painting some houses to help with finances as our support will not be enough to carry us through. We are asking God to provide and we know HE definitely can do it, but really would love your prayers... - that helps us through our human side that does the worrying. We still have to daily surrender our needs to Him. It definitely keeps us close to Him. He is the Big Banker and has the power to carry us through. We are so thankful for that.

thanks for loving, praying and interceding for us! love- amy louise for the family!