Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If you want to...

See where exactly where we will live it is...

You have to have Google Earth downloaded and type in Lilongwe, Malawi on http://earth.google.com

Our Campus is on the left upper corner of the city...
Amy Louise

Here are some pictures of ABC...

These pictures are from Google Earth.

We will be living at the top of the campus 4th house down on the right. Also that is where Bob will be teaching at the college. Nya will go to school at the middle of the campus with the blue circle and and the hospital in the yellow circle is where I will be working at. We are amazed that we get to see our house from space before we move...
We are doing great here. Only 113 days away until we fly to Malawi! WOW!!!

Amy Louise

P.S. If you click on the pictures you can see my friend Leanne's thumbtacks that show everything on the campus.

Monday, April 16, 2007


That's why we have Mosquito Nets... According to Nya. Because the Cheetos will bite her. Her interpretation of Mosquitoes. That is what she is nervous about. Well- Time is flying by here and we are moving to Malawi in about 3 1/2 months. We are getting really excited to be there. Our container left yesterday full of our personal effects. Africa a world away but the world is so small when I can ship my Skippy Peanut Butter and eat there. :)
Anyways just a small update about us.
Amy Louise

Thursday, April 12, 2007

here is another update from a fellow missionary...

Thank you for your prayers!
By God's grace and your prayers:The thirty member African mission team arrived safely in San Diego. The illnesses among the team did not interfere with the mission and were largely resolved by the time we arrived in San Diego. Much was accomplished! During their short stay, the drill team members; trained the African team in the use of the drilling rig, started the well by going through 43 feet of solid rock, and saw the door opened to a relationship with the Masai. At the school, two classrooms were plastered inside and out, ready for the next semester; the entire school was taught by the team for the week and 220 children were seen in the medical clinic. During the crusades and street evangelism, the Lord saw fit to add to His Kingdom.And the heart's of all who went were drawn nearer to the Lord!Glory to God!
Dave Slack

Sunday, April 08, 2007

an update on us moving...

We are still here in San Diego... trying to sell the house. We leave in 4 months in August. We are soooo ready to be there. We have about 2 months left in San Diego if the house sells soon. So we will keep you updated.
Amy Louise

an update on the missions trip...

Here is a letter from pastor Eric....
Greetings from Arusha.
I want to take this chance to praise the Lord for what He accomplished in Arusha ,Tanzania through the team of students ,teachers ,some parents from Christian high school and some members from East Valley Christian Fellowship of SAN DIEGO and from other churches in SAN DIEGO.
In church side we where very blessed by the team ministry to our children's church as they impacted our kids with different things they taught them. As well they real blessed kids at our school Maranatha missions school they real kept the kids very busy and our school kids where impacted and blessed teachings of songs, different games.DR Dave with help from some students he he had medical clinic at Maranatha missions school in five days he was able to attend more than two hundred kids we have at our school, some of the kids had complicated cases like serious eye problems they where not aware of .
Our school where blessed by the team through construction of two class rooms which had no plaster on the walls a and out side wall ,they team teamed up with Maranatha church members and parents of students at our school, before the team left plastering of inside wall s, out side walls.
Our Branch church in USA RIVER TOWN near Arusha where real impacted and blessed by evangelism activities which was done by the team through street and House to House evangelism and Gospel crusade, our Branch church pastor shared with pastor Eric that he had more people in church the last Sunday the team was here and the mid week services.Several people accepted the lord and are coming to church and more people whom the team evangelized to are coming to the church to be prayed for.
In Arusha the team visited several homes,es to pray fror the sick ,visited oprhans , people who needed encouragement, in one House a single mother cried to see the team visiting her as she could not imagine she felt valued.
Last the drill team started water drilling in Kidemunge branch church Maasai area, though they did not fin ish the task because of various reasons the start was a blessing and a big accomplishment , as Masai villagers real got excited to see the water is coming near the,m.The Masai elders and village government had a meeting with pastor Eric when he went there to encourage the team.
We thanks the team for being a blessing to us .
We thanks all the parents who sent their kids, all parents and team members from East Valley and other churches for coming.
We thanks all who supported the team through prayers an dd financially.
W e well come another team to Tanzania.
Pastor Eric Mukwenda

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

They made it all home in one piece...

After 33 hours of travel they made it home. They were all beaming at the airport. As soon as Bob got home he just crashed. So I am sure they all did. They were busy until they got on the airplane. I will update more later.

Monday, April 02, 2007

They are on their way home...

Bob and team are traveling as I write this blog. We are so thrilled to have them home. They should be in San Diego by 7:04pm Monday Night. Yippe. Hopefully I can post some stories and updates from Pastor Eric Mukwenda this week. Thank you for your prayers. More to come soon.