Tuesday, February 23, 2010

really? ok!

So last week I went to my physical therapist for my nerve problem. She said that she thinks that I am getting worse and I need to go see with an MRI what really is going on. Sounds simple! Just go get an MRI- well when you live in a third world country not so simple. I will be headed to South Africa - Johannesburg to see a Spine Specialist on Thursday. Thank you for your prayers. Continue and we will see what God will do through this.

I am reminded that God doesn't promise that everything will be perfect and life will be simple but He carries us through these kinds of journeys. I have seen Him provide in such amazing ways in ways that He does personally for me. So as I head into this journey - I will share how he has been faithful. I have some friends down there that will host me and give me a car and provide me with GPS unit. I kinda know it down there because last year with Nya being sick in the same hospital. So as I head down there I am provided for.

Bob will be staying with the girls and so please pray for the girls and him. Pray as he continues to serve here at ABC that God would provide for him here. Pray that the students continue to see God provide and as they serve here in Malawi and all over Africa that God would use them to change lives from the inside out.

Lots of love- amy louise

Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on my arm...

Hi! So the latest on my nerve problem is this. I saw the bone doctor, got xrays and was told not promising information. Pretty much I have disc in my neck that is bulgding out and is pushing on a nerve that goes all the way down to my fingers. He called it a double crush nerve impendgement ( at my neck and my wrist). So it is not good because there is not a MRI machine to look at my neck here in Malawi to see exactly. I need to go to the western world. Lovely. So my specific prayer request is that the nerve will be able to worked out through physical therapy. The blessing is that there is a physical therapist here that is from the UK that has worked with people on this nerve problem. So I would be so very happy if it as I am here in this third world country that manual traction physical therapy thingy would work. Thanks for you prayers and love - amy louise

Monday, February 08, 2010

Life... the ups and downs...

We have been plugging along. Please be praying for me. After a very large computer project I did in December, somehow I managed to pinch a nerve in my neck. It created blood clots around my nerve root and many days for the last 6 weeks I have walked around unable to use it. After a long drive into the village and all the jarring of the bumpy road - it officially gave out into servere unable to live life with an arm that doesn't work without a doctors help. For a while I just thought it was a sore muscle or the beginning of carpal tunnel. I went to a physical therapist and through her we started treatment for a nerve root impendiagemnt. Yuck. I am now on servere pain meds daily and steriods to hopefully stop the pain. On this coming Wednesday - I go to the bone doctor for him to decide what to do. If it doesn't stop, steriod shots are next....And they don't do those here. So please be praying.

Another thing that has been hard is that - i am unable to use my desktop computer. So many days I can't do much with one arm on the computer. Right now I am pain meds and really shouldn't be typing...
So please pray for me as I go through this. Thanks so much. I love how many times I have shared our prayer and GOd has carried us through. Thank you....

The good things that are happening are school is full swing and we are busy. IT is so great to have routine and see the students we daily are investing in. The senior class graduate in 4 months. We are so excited to see how God is going to use them here. Especially one girl I have been mentoring over the last 2 years, She really has a heart to do missions in the village here. We are praying together weekly where and who with! It is a big deal to do missions in your own country. Especially where all most people do is barely survive with what they have. Her name is Funa.

In the above picture is Funa on the left and Tina on the right. Funa has a heart to disciple women in the village. Please pray with us as we see what God is doing.

Will update again while I am pain meds :) love- amy louise