Thursday, May 26, 2011

The latest happenings...

For those who did not get the email - if you want email updates respond my email address on the side!

Hello sweet friends and family! Well- We are moving out of our house this week! We are full of mixed emotions, especially with me being a pregnant mama (all hormones) and having 2 little girls who like to verbally process everything! We have loved living in our old house for this past year! It has made it easy for us to transition from life in Africa to life in America. The girls have loved it too. They remembered this house as being our home before moving to Malawi - Africa!

What is next for the Stauffy family...A road trip for about 2 months (visiting supporters). We will then move into "missionary housing" starting August 1. What a treat though to travel throughout the US and to see a lot of our friends and family. When we move into the missionary housing in Aug., we will then live there for 4 months until this little baby boy (he is due Oct 20thish) is born. Then, in December, we head back to Africa for three more years! Analise is counting down the days until we move back HOME to Africa!

It has been a humbling year as we have been able to see God provide so much. Our family has been able to grow closer together and also reconnect with many of our friends and family members. We have been able to share what life is like in Malawi with many people, even those who think Africa is so scary (especially after sharing our spider stories with them)!

Please continue to pray as we travel to see our supporters and friends and family! What fun it will be to hang out with old friends all across America!

We will still have email access and facebook connection- So please connect with us! Thank you for loving, praying and supporting us as we are in the next phase of our journey...

Love- Bob, Amy, Nya, Analise and this cute baby boy that is cooking inside me..