Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving to Africa- and trying not to bring all of America with me.... trying

My kitchen here in America
A typical kitchen in Malawi in the Village


Planning, thinking and writing lists. There are simple basics that we do need to bring to Malawi that they don't have in Africa - simple life basics just to survive - (well what I think that is a simple basic for us to survive not a typical Malawian basic), but when we live in a culture of stuff. I find it very difficult to balance the basics and the wants. I look at my list and everything that is on it there seems reasonable. I then go the store to check off some off my list and I realize- do I really need this? Here we are continually bombarded by ourselves and our wants. We can get everything we need in one store and still need more. So as I am trying to balance - packing and living in Africa and not bringing all my wants too. Well- lets just say that I am trying to be balanced. :)

1 Timothy 6:8 (New Living Translation)

8 So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.

thanks for loving us- amy louise

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come and be a teacher in Africa!

Analise and in her class last year! Teachers are needed! Come teach my girls!

Monthly update- may be a repeat for some...


Hello sweet friends and family! Happy new year! Can't believe that it is 2011! As this new year begins - we begin the process of gearing up to go back to Malawi in about 6 months. Sorry to those who don't think past the next 2 weeks- but when you are planning to move Africa- it is on your brain continually! And these last 6 months flew by and so will the coming ones too.

When we began this journey "missions" about 5 years ago- it was the last thing I ever thought I would doing. I didn't feel like I was the "missionary type"- whatever that was in my mind that I had made it to be. As we are in the middle of Missions week here at one of the churches that support us, it is very humbling. We definetly don't feel like the missionaries that they talk about. But we know that we called to this land called Malawi- Africa! We feel unworthy to be called but we answer the call! Even more now than ever. We are getting excited to go back and serve at African Bible College. We will continue to the "missionary thing" We will continue to give out and give our skills away! We definitely want to dig in deeper and make a bigger impact- God willing!

As we are in the middle of this thing called furlough- home assignment it is very interesting to see God provide in so many ways. We have been encouraged continually as people love and support us! We have so many people being our cheerleader! Thank you for all your love, prayers, support and cheerleading. We are so thrilled to be able to have an amazing team behind us.

What this last month has brought for us...
Bob has been teaching a class at the Seminary- Intro to Missions - very appropriate- he has about 5 more weeks of that class! He says it has really been fun and challenging to teach!

We have been able to share at Missions fair here at Shadow Mountain, in classes, sunday school classes and in our booth we have set up in the pavilion. Inviting everyone to come and help in Malawi! We will see who will respond to the call. we have already someone coming so far! That is fun to share life in Africa with others.

We have been able to visit our family at Christmas time- Yummy! and have family come to visit. Lovely!

We have been able with the help of Bob's parents prepare our house to rent out when we go back to Malawi!

We have been able to enjoy this amazing San Diego weather.

We have seen many of our supporters here in San Diego! - If we haven't seen you- email me and we want to see you!

Please continue to pray as we....
Start raising support to move back to Malawi- We will have to buy plane tickets, a car and so forth! Fun times-

That we would remain healthy!

That we depend on Christ for everything!

That we would be intentional in our marriage and parenting as we choose Jesus in every moment. It is still a challenge because we are piles of yuck, but He is faithful to give us grace to love beyond ourselves!

What a treat to have you loving us - as you are our cheerleaders!!! Thank you- love all of us- bob, amy, nya and analise

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Our home in Malawi
Our home in San Diego

I have come to a "deep" conculsion that I have 2 homes. I know that really is not new "news" but it is profound for me as I went on deeply thinking about how life is to have a world split. To have a life that is split in 2 worlds is quite deep and crazy. To cherish and love both is even deeper and crazier. But as I am preparing to gear up to go into the other world- halfway around the world, I am finding that I cherish this world that I living in so much more and at the same time so enjoy how much I have over there in that world. Confusing but simple. But as I continue to think about it- home for me is where my family is. My worlds can be split in 2 but at the same time be whole. As I continue down this path- I realize and am so thankful that I really only have ONE home and that is what my energy should be focused on. Life with my eternal father. Not that I that I don't take care of my homes here but my hope and joy is eventually sharing life with the King of the all the worlds.

What a joy to refocus and remember light of eternity... what really matters...

Family and Sharing eternal life with the King!

Perspective is what He wants and am so thankful that He is faithful to remind us of it! He certainly has reminded that for me! Lots of love- amy louise

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year and Pictures to share

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already mid January- Where does the time go? We are so blessed to have another year starting off in San Diego that will be ending in Malawi Africa. We definitely on are full gear up mode. I know for many of those reading are thinking - that is not until this next July- but wasn't it just summer around here. It flew by! We are treasuring the time we have been given still here in this place we call home!

Bob's family - his 2 brothers and their families and his parents
My family and 2 sisters and brother and parents...

We were priviledged to spend Christmas with each of our families!
It was so cute to see the cousins have quality time together - priceless.... It is very interesting the older we get to see the journeys that our families go on. We all have different paths. Different stories! We come together and share those- but there is a common thread. We are from the same family blood line. We have common memories and common backgrounds. But our future is different, our stories are different and that is amazing. What if we all did the same thing? It would be boring and not very interesting. I love it! These stories that are shaping our lives. Our kids lives. Our stories now will be their stories and so it goes.
So this year I am into making the moments count. The exciting moments, boring moments and even drama moments. These are the moments we have been given. Not the moments that we dream of- not that those can become reality but often they never come and we miss out
on these right now moments. That is all I have - Right now! We have been given today - When God teaches us to pray - He tells to focus on today- we are not praying for tomorrow but for today!

Matthew 6:11

11 Give us today our daily bread.

So we keep on keepin on in these moments we have today!

Thank you for your friendships, love, support, and prayers- the stauffy family!