Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nya in class with Mrs. Tricks

Nya's Class!

Yesterday was International Day at Nya's school. This is when the students dress up in ethic clothes ( is that politcally correct? oh well! You know what I mean! ) and bring food from their home country. There are about 30 different countries represented here at the academy. Lilongwe is a very international community. Who knew that. I sure didn't before I came! So here below is some cute pictures of that day and I also put a video on with Nya with Mrs. Tricks! Her husband is doing great and now we get to have her back! Enjoy!
Pauline, from Malawi, Nya from america, Nikki from Phillipines, and Myra from Zimbabwe

Here is the class listening to a story! Wow! they are cute!

We sure have a lot to be thankful this holiday season. We love you all! Love the Stauffacher family

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

So hello from Malawi. We are celebrating Thanksgiving here with our friends here. I found a ham and am making scalloped potatoes with greenbeans. Sound great to me. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

Here is some pictures of Bob's class that went to the Islamic temple here in Malawi. This has never been done so it was amazing experience for both sides. The Muslims here said that never has any Christian organization come to them in peace anThe Muslims talked about their faith and the students in the class were able to ask questions.

So here they are at the Temple.

The outside of the temple

This is where they wash their hands and feet. Cleaniness is apart of the Koran

The inside of the temple. It is very plain and they say it is that way so they are only focused on Allah!

Here is the Class in session. I like seeing Bob in the middle of all that. The world religions class will visit a Hindu temple this Monday. It is one thing to hear and read but to be apart and really talk with other people's religion takes it to a deeper level! Keep praying that we will impact the students and help transform their lives!
We love you all- Thank you for praying for us! We are doing great here because your love, emails, packages, prayers and support of us! Love- all of us!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayer works!

Here is Bob in the village of Mchoka! The beautiful kids that the team goes to is all about sharing love and life with every thursday...
Just always excited to pose for pictures...

MMMM the simple impact of love that transforms a persons life. that is what is being shown every time they go out there to that Village. To be consist and love deeper and teach the simple truths of God.

Can you smell it? It is the most amazing smell in the world these flowers. (these were taken by a friend of mine so nice to share with me.)

The fire trees on campus. These are everywhere this time of the dry season. We are almost in rainy season where it rains really hard for about hour or so each day. Or sometimes more.

A man on bike hauling wood to sell. SO that is real life. How much do you love your car now? And your Job? I always reminded of the simple blessings.
I want to say thank you for all the emails and prayers my sweet friends. After about 12 hours of putting on the blog that I was sick- I have been feeling so much better. Even though it was such a weird virus, that there was no answers with the blood work but I just really feel better. Only knowing that I have people supporting me in prayer. Prayer works! Thank you. I love having you all as my dear friends!
Lots of love- amy louise

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Update...

Good news... Nya's teacher's Mrs. Tricks Husband is home in Malawi. It is a true miracle. The doctors told them that they would have at least a month of recovery in a rehab place in South Africa. But on Sunday he flew up and got to see all the family and is walking and talking and living life like nothing happened. Thank you for your prayers.

For us- I have been sick for the last 4 weeks with an unknown bug. I have done so much blood work and not has showed up. I know 2 other people that seem to have the same problem as me. So it has been concluded that it is a strange bacterial infection with just fatigue and weakness as the symptoms. I am getting better slowly, but really would love your prayers in that. No one else has been sick in our family but me - so that has been good.

We have been super busy even still. Bob teaching classes and taking his outreach team and seeing people come to know the Lord and also grow deeper. He has been so enjoying going out and reaching the uneducated and educating them the simple truths.

I have been teaching a senior college girls bible study and it has been great! We are just going to deep and answering questions that are not often discussed about faith, sex, marriage, families and women issues! It is amazing to see that Christian culture transends all cultures. There are 15 women in my class and it is fun to get in deep discussions. This is something I love! Women talking about life and who it all works together as we live our lives for Christ!
Love you lots- thanks so much for all that support, pray for us! We are here in Africa making a difference due to you all. I can't believe we have been here now for almost 16 months. That is a long time! love and miss you- amy louise

Saturday, November 08, 2008

a couple pictures for you....

Here a couple of pictures that were in my newsletter that I think i way better in color! So here is Analise with our neighbor friend Caroline. So here is Analise with our neighbor friend Caroline.
a new staple in the house. This looks like rice on nya's plate but it is actually Nsima. Ground up corn mush. A staple for Malawians here. It is now a regular in our house. We have it about once a week. Bob and Nya love it and Analise and I still stick with rice :) It is served with beef curry that you dip the nsima in.

here is a picture of us in the mountains of Zomba, Malawi Africa.

The girls riding the donkey! (danny that is for you) They were just on the side of the road and Analise wanted to ride it and begged Nya to get on. Love you lots- amy louise

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Election Day to you all...

I know I am glad it is here! It is big here in Africa! One of my friends said to me! "So are your people voting today?" Yes my people are voting today! We shall see!
But on to other things... please be praying for Nya's teacher Nuala Trick's husband Ben - who is 40 years had a brain annurysm about a week ago. They were plane evacuvated to South Africa to to do surgery and it went well. But he woke up from the drug induced coma very confused. So please pray for Ben and the rest of the family. They have 4 kids and have been very stretched as mom and dad have been in southafrica! Here is a picture of her with nya's class on Reading day. She is in the Back along with the assistant teacher Wezzie! The kids dress up to represent a character.

Here is Nya with a friend Charolette. Nya was a clown from the story Dumbo. Hence the dumbo. Her friend a bee from the pooh books. Lots of love- amy louise