Saturday, January 28, 2012

Luke's Day - Hanging with the Boys

Luke gets around!  At almost 4 months - I think he has done and seen more than I ever did!  Too cute!  This was yesterday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday in Malawi!

Nya and Martina at snack time 
Analise at Chapel

Luke on Dada's shoulder!

Here is a glimpse of what happened here in Malawi today!  The girls went to school in the pouring rain!  It rains cats and dogs here!  Every Friday is chapel day at the girl’s school!  So I went and saw them!  The girls were either presenting a verse or singing a song at chapel.  Very cute!  Luke and I ran up there (still no car) in the rain with an umbrella!  Very fun!  I am so glad I brought my rain shoes!  I stayed until their snack time!  So fun to see all their friends!  
The college students have come back from Christmas break!  We have had a very busy house getting to know the new students and connecting with the Junior and seniors that we already know!  I love hearing their stories and love on them with food and a coke!  Everything is better with a coke!  (Sounds like a commercial but it is true!)  Luke has been every mama's arms and their aunties!  Too cute!  Some he screams and others he loves it!  Love that he feels free to voice his opinion!
Here is how you can be praying for us today:

  • Malawi is not doing well- the country is falling apart due to the president not taking care of its people- People are very sad and becoming violent- There is little gas in the country, electricity goes out daily for about 1-2 hours or more, water is not working either, and the prices of food has gone up 200% since we were here last. So please pray as the Malawian people are worn out that they will seek God through this. These kinds of problems are where God gets to shine! The stories of His faithfulness are amazing!
  • Pray for our family! Malaria is a very real sickness that kills. I am so glad we caught it early here for Analise but the malaria season is still going on. Just pray for health and that God will sustain us.
  • Also pray for the girls as they are readjusting to Malawi- They now are missing their friends and their school there in San Diego! It is an emotional journey to move and start again. 
  • Pray, as we love on the college students and missionaries that we would point them to Jesus!
  • Pray that we would seek daily Jesus to sustain us as we do ministry here!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life in Africa...

Life has calmed down since we arrived 3 weeks ago here in Malawi!  We have gotten used to the electricity going out.  We have gotten used to going nowhere except on campus (we haven't gotten a car yet) - side note- I can't believe how much we are in the car in America.  The girls have told me many times how glad they are that they don't have to go anywhere in the car since we have been here.
We have gotten used to the many people that show up at our door and we get to love and feed them!

Here are some snapshots of our little journey.  I realize I don't take pictures with my camera phone as I would with a real camera. I need to replace my stolen one.  Until then- please be patient...
This is Nya reading a book under her mosquito net in the dark

Analise in her bed as we go through another no electricity night

The girls with their chameleons Pascal and Rango

Luke cozy on mama's bed doing what he does best - sleeping during the day! Still working on the through the night thing!

The girls on their way to school!  They are so glad they get to scooter their way to school every day!

Luke hanging out with Mr Mwale!  Mr Mwale is going to teach him Chichewa - he tells me!

Monday, January 09, 2012

If you cant see the video...

If you can't see the video- go to or click on the words The African rain in blue on the previous post.  Please continue to pray as this country is not at its best, the power went out 3 times today for over 8 hours!  It has been interesting; we just don't open the freezer or refrigerator!  We have a back up generator but there is no fuel to run it.  So we are living very simple!  Please also pray for Luke!  He is sleeping in weird hours so I am awake for most of the night!  It is getting very exhausting.  We are healthy and thankful to be right here right now!  We still haven't found a car.  If we did, it would be another prayer to find gas to run it.  Oh the simple things we take for grated!  My one friend found gas here but it cost $150 to fill up a small car!  Oh my!
Thanks for praying and loving us!  Love- the stauffy family

The african rain!

We are getting adjusted slowly!  Everyday we have these downpours and many times it is like this 2-3 times a day.  Here is a video of what it sounds like!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Coming home to our old "new" life!

Hello from the other side of the world.  Seriously!  It took us 3 planes, 28 hours and many times answering " how much longer mom?" and "haven’t we have been on this plane for forever!"  We arrived into Malawi full of nerves and excitement.  For the known and the unknown that was waiting for us!  As we got off the airplane- we could instantly smell the African Rains coming! (I think that should be the next Yankee candle – African Rain)   It poured! There is nothing like it!  It has been amazing to be back to where I feel like we just left yesterday, but really know that it has been a year and half!  Thank you all for your prayers and love emails and facebook connections! 

Things that have changed for us since we have arrived:
- The gas situation is at its worse here- People line up for gas in about a 2-mile line and wait for fuel!  Then there are about 300 people with cans trying to fill up. Sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t, Bob waited all day yesterday for fuel (we are borrowing someone’s car while we look for one our selves). It never came.  We had a friend who was 8 cars away when they ran out of gas just yesterday.  So it really is causing simple things not to work.  For example- sugar is not on the store shelves because there is no gas to get it to the stores.

-Electricity outages are about everyday – from 1-2 hours to 12 hours a day.  We like it right now – but know that it will get old very soon.

-Riots have been occurring more – (there were never any riots when we left) due to the problems that come with lack of fuel and money.

- Our sweet dog Dolly that we had brought from San Diego has run off the campus where we live and has not been seen for the last nine days!  We are praying that she be found!

- Everything has gone up at least 1/3 of the price.  So if the poor were poor they are 1/3 poorer.  Amazing how much it has an effect on everyday living. 

-Making new friends.  We are getting to know the new missionary staff and 150 new college students!

- Bringing Luke to Malawi- In Chichewa his name is Luka.  He is a hit here and everyone is excited to meet him and hold him!

-Seeing the girls see things that they never saw before but were there all the time- for example- Nya can't believe all the dirt and bugs!  But they have been here all along!

Things that are the same!
-We are living in our same house!  So it feels so cozy to be in a familiar home setting!

-The smell of Africa- whether it is rains or it’s the earth over here – it is amazing!

- The girls feel very happy to feel things that are familiar!

-Weirdly that foreign foods are familiar tasting- for example- we were on the plane coming to South Africa and they had this beef stew that I really enjoyed- But I remember the first time I had it and was not my favorite!

- Hearing the muslim call to prayer starting around 4 am ( I am up with Luke) reminding me that I am in a foreign land.

-Seeing old friends that were former students at ABC or that are the upper classmen at the college or missionaries here.

-Fruits and vegetables are still so amazing tasting!

-The simplicity of life here!

-That God is still King of the Universe and we can put our hope and trust in him!

Thank you for praying and being apart of our journey!  Hopefully jet lag will calm down by this next week so we can feel like normal human beings!  Lots of love- all of the stauffy family

P.S.  By now you should of gotten your prayer magnets so you can remember to pray for us!  If you haven’t please email me at and I will make sure you get one!

Below are some pictures-  Luke is mainly in these due to the girls are off doing adventures!

Luke meeting our dog Terra!

Luke hanging out with Owen, Richard and Bob

Luke being loved on by Funa!

Luke seeing a hedgehog for the first time with friends Marion and little steven (missionaries here at ABC)
Meeting Charles and Lewis- Seniors at the college

View from my front porch!  SO delicious!

Making homeade french fries!  I think it beats In n Out Fries!