Friday, October 23, 2009

A fundraiser and a bit a competition...

So yesterday the junior class held a fundraiser with a class competition for a banquet they put on for the senior class. So as a friend of the person in charge, they asked if I would sing. I laughed and responded "have you heard my singing!" Anyways they insisted and thought why not! Why not pretend to be an amazing singer and have fun. I decided the only way to have more fun is to ask Analise and Nya to join me. So we sang the song we all know. Easy. Ok so the below are some videos of that and some of the other classes singing. Fun, Fun and love African Music! Enjoy and please know I was not a born singer but as my mom just said to me via skype! " have music all through your body soul and life..." Thanks Mama! So just enjoy!

ABC Womens Choir

Here is the women of Abc singing like the mamas do in the village!

Us girlies singing

They asked me if I would sing and I am not a singer. But I would sing for fun if my girlies would sing, so we did it together.

abc students

The Students did a competition at African Bible College. This is the Freshman class singing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The girls that are apart of our lives!

Just wanted to show you a couple of amazing women that we get to be know on a deep level. Friendship is so easy with each one of these amazing women. Each one of these girls are orphans and are here at African Bible College studying. We love them dearly and are so glad that they are apart of our family. Christina in purple and is a senior. Shonduri is a junior in the middle and Mafunase is in the black and is a senior. We known each one for the last 2 years and cherish them deeply! Nya and Analise adore them!
In the last blog - was my monthly update with the spelling check done on it. :) Anyways just wanted to connect and know that we are doing great!
Love- Amy Louise

Life is good…

Hello from African Bible College! Wow! I am going to say that it has been a normal month here in Malawi. Who knew after 2 years of living here, I would call living in Africa normal. I never thought that I would even think that. I guess things do grow on you.

We have been busy with many classes, special projects, loving on people and living life as a family. All that comes with that too. Sicknesses, broken down car, and sometimes fights ( only with the girls - Bob and I never fight! ) We get the privilege this next month to have my parents come for a visit! We are so excited to share our world with them. They will get a chance to love on us too. They will be involved in doing Marriage Enrichment classes here at the college and for missionaries here.

How you can be praying for us:

-Continued health as we live our lives here in the faraway land of Malawi

-As we teach at the college and the high school that we would radiate Christ in our lives and that we would be intentional in all that we do

-That our time with my parents would be amazing and refreshing - and that they travel safely

We want to say thank you for each one of you for loving and praying us! We are so thankful to share our lives with you here! We also want to say thank you for supporting us as we give out our lives to the students, people we meet, friends and many others that are affected by us while we live here in Malawi.

Living normally here in Malawi- Bob, Amy, Nya and Analise

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A getaway to Lake Malawi...

So it kinda looks like Hawaii I admit. The one of the most poorest country in Africa - has a beautiful natural Lake. So here are some snapshots with Bruce Sarah and Grace Halon from Massachusetts and the Stauffachers enjoying the Lake!

Thanks for taking a breather with us. And Thank you Bruce and Sarah and Grace for the great getaway! lots of Love- all of us!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Here is an article on a student that Bob...

Here is an amazing article of a student that Bob taught a high school Bible class our first year here in CNN. William - what an amazing kid. He taught himself at 14 to make a windmill to make electricity. Please enjoy reading about the people we get to impact while we are here. thanks for being apart of our journey, so we can be apart of their journey. Lots of love- amy louise

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Classes and Classes...

We are busy busy with classes and are in the thick of school right now. I wanted to show some pictures of some classes that we are involved with. The academy every year does a reading day, where the kids dress up a character in a book. So below are an assortment of pictures....

Here is Analise and Mrs. Harper. Analise is of course Tinkerbell and Mrs. Rebecca Harper is dressed up as a tree. From the book "the giving tree".
Here is Nya with her classmates. She won the award for best dressed. She of course was Dorothy and was so proud. This cute Dorothy dress was given by some friends. She looks so perfect in this dress.

The girls striking a pose before they left for school. I think Analise really does look like Tinkerbell.

Here is Analise in her class. She loves it and is growing and learning daily. Running a bit tired from going everyday. She loves her teacher and her new friends.

Below here is Bob teaching a class. This is the entire class of sophomores preparing for Outreach. He is teaching Inductive Bible Study. They learn how to present the Gospel with the knowledge of the the Bible and then they go out to the same village Bob has been working with and disciple people on a intimate level. This doesn't happen often in a village. Because people may come and then may go but to continue on disciple for the last 2 years has been amazing. To know that the impact of real discipleship is amazing. Real lives transformed.

I will have more pictures to follow up in the village and of my senior girl's bible study. We are thankful to be right here and right now. This is exactly where we are supposed to be. Thank you for following us as travel around here in Africa and make small impacts on people's lives. May we be intentional in all that we do. Lots of love- amy louise