Wednesday, February 27, 2008

friends ....

Here are somepictures of friends... Catherine, Mwai, Me and Atupele. Then my friend from Ireland Pam, my friends that are ABC graduates Alice and Edith. And Analise and I together. (Sara notice the shirts) Yippee... I will type more soon... amy louise

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just sharing life and what God does in our lives...

Okay here are most of the girls that showed up for our first Bible study at the high school outreach that we do. We are playing a game called Dr. Tangle. THe girls all tangle themselves up with out breaking hands. There were 43 girls came. We are studying 2 Corinthians 5-13. Theyare so excited.
I wanted to share an email from a college student that I have been encouraging in her walk with Christ... She helped me with my basketball game with the Junior and High school girls at ABC Academy on Saturday and we had a chance to talk then...
"Hie dear,
I really appreciate so much for whatever thing you told me
on saturday morning. Every word that you spoke to me
mearnt a lot and it brought a relief in my heart. I am really
so thankful and i thank God for you and for the courage
and the right words that He gave you to share with me. I
am now living so peacefully as before. I have realised that
God is the only best friend i should trust for He will never
disappoint me. Thank you so much my love. May God
continue blessing you. Have a blessed night swit. Love you!" a sophmore at ABC college...
So if that was why I came here was worth it. Thank you for being apart of her journey. Lots of love- Amy Louise

Friday, February 22, 2008

Really America has poor people...

That was a question asked last night as we had a group of college students over. Above they are - In the black shirt is Joseph, Blessings, Bob, Fannie, Wanagua, and Funa. They are team that is going in 3 weeks to a village up north to show the Jesus film and work with one of the students churches there. Bob will be driving and be apart of this team. It is really fun to hear there their misconceptions of America. One of them was sooo very surprised to that America has homeless people. What? they couldn't believe it. TV and the travelers seem to have loads of money. You once you experienced Africa and you come back to America in your world you are shocked at it's wealth. And the extreme poverty that you see in Africa. But now being here after 7 months. The shock is gone and it is everyday life. To be exposed to extreme poverty everyday makes you a little bit numb but really understand that you can't change the whole world but change those people in your sphere. I really recognize that it helps to make small impacts than huge ones or do nothing at all. Me what I do to help. Get someone a bible or help a college student here with a job to earn money so they can pay off their schooling, or help those who work for me or work with the orphans. Help someone who comes in to my path. That is the small impacts I try and make everyday. It changes things for the better little by little. Just helping. thats all for now- Amy Louise

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The African Plain...

Here are some pictures of plain. We are visiting some friends that work with Childen of the Nations. So this is from their house about 5 minutes from our house... We have been sooo Busy. I guess I tell you all that before but we are! You know that Bob has 4 classes and head of the security and now redoing the Gym floor Busy....With Nya and Analise with doing swimming lessons, school and connecting with people not to add that I am involved with 4 bible studies and 2 that I am teaching. It adds to a busy day on top of that I am helping coach the high school and junior high girls basketball every (it is the school that Nya goes too) day pretty much for last week and continuing on with this week until Saturday. I will get some pictures of the girls in action. It is fun there are about 23 girls that have been coming to practice with about 15 different countries represented there. Fun to get them to play the American way of basketball. Mind you i haven't played since I was 15 and that was 18 years ago. My how time is flying by. I will be taking the college girls and continue our Bible study that we were doing at a high school here in Lilongwe. We have 5 girls and they are so excited to start up again with the high school girls. The clinic is doing great. I will try and get some pictures of that next week too.
You know the talk I had with the women at the college the other week was amazing. about85% of the girls came and that is big for a busy friday night. We talked for almost 4 hours and it could of went on and on. We talked about being single, what type of person to God calls us to a have relationship and purity while dating. We talked about AIDS and all that comes with that. So we had 4 ABC graduates and a Navigator staff girl named Pam and also Me. So it was fun. The girls are still talking about it.
Anyways just a side note are healthy and thankful for our time we have here in Africa. Sometimes it feel very far away from home. But thanks to the care packages that have somehow made it here! thank you for the pieces of Home that makes it easier to continue on here. Thank you for all who are supporting us in prayer, love, packages and support. We could not do what we are doing here and serve people here without YOU! THANK YOU! Love- the stauffy family!!!!! ( That is who we are here.) The Stauffy's ! Carried on from CHS.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It is just a book...

Something that I have noticed there are not many books here in Malawi. I asked my friend Mwale if he had any books. No he replied. I am thinking to my self No books. Surely he has a Bible... No he says most Malawians don't have a Bible especially those in the villages which is most of the country. My brain starts to go to all my bibles. Which one should I give him. I have 3 here with me. I justify that I need them all. They all serve different purposes. I am a rotten horder. So I ask him did he want a Bible His eyes light up and responds Oh yes He had one a long time ago and wishes he could save and get one. But with hard times it has been hard to save much less survive. He asks if he could have a Chichewa Bible. Whew I am off the hook I can keep my 3 bibles. (my yucky attitude stinks) Anyways so I go on search to find a Chichewa Bible. 2 weeks later of asking around I found one for 7 dollars. That is very expensive when 7 dollars feeds a family on maize for a month. I am glad that we get to help and I get to my selfish, non sharing attitude. Not much more from me- amy louise

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here is Nya and her class...

Thought you all would love to see who is in her class. This is kindergarden photo and class photo. I added along with that the teachers here at the academy. She has students from Malawi, south africa, zimbabwea, canada and zambia. Her teacher is Miss Zude from Illinois and other teacher is a ABC graduate Rachel Mvula.
Amy louise

Rain in Africa...

What a treat to finally not have Rain. It has rained every day for the last 3 months. What is Rain for Africa. It is the lifeline for this country. The rain allows the crops to grow and that is the Maize. The main staple so there is no starvation. The Malawians harvest in March or so. If it rains too much it will ruin the crop. We are right at the point of are the crops going to be ruined or will it stop raining and allow the crops come to their full harvest. I am so amazed with how they all handle the rain. Mind you that there is not much cement here so every thing is soooo very muddy. I am so not a friend of mud. The city girl in me. Of course before there were big cities there was mud. And that is what we got here. MUD... They handle it so well. I am the big sissy. But it is also very hard on their houses and many fall down when it rains too much. So many families are left homeless. We are so blessed and even living right next to it, it is easy to remain insensitive. I have a wonderful house but I still want to fix it and make it better. But yet my neighbors house may be falling down. I need to continually make that concinsess choice to invest in my neighbors. I will go and take some pictures today of the crops and countryside green so you can see. I will post them tomorrow. We are in very busy mode. It is a very busy semester now. Continue to pray for our health and that we would invest in our neighbors. Love- amy louise

Friday, February 01, 2008

They are Back...

Some of the cute College Girls came over to play and visit yesterday and I just wanted to capture how much fun they were with the girlies. This Is Cristina and Funa (Christina is the Pink and Blue and Funa just Blue) both sophmores. The girls just ate this up. As you can see in the video below. Please be praying for me tonight. I along with 5 other ABC graduates will be talking to all the college girls about Marriage and Sexual Purity. Pray that as the women live their lives that they would strive for a heart of Christ. Their should be about 80 girls there. I will be sharing my story and how amazingly God has turned my life around. I so hope and pray that sharing our stories will affect thier lives and that they will not settle but for God has for them in lives. Thank you and I will let you know how it goes with all the fun details. Amy Louise

Hanging out with the College Girls...