Friday, February 22, 2008

Really America has poor people...

That was a question asked last night as we had a group of college students over. Above they are - In the black shirt is Joseph, Blessings, Bob, Fannie, Wanagua, and Funa. They are team that is going in 3 weeks to a village up north to show the Jesus film and work with one of the students churches there. Bob will be driving and be apart of this team. It is really fun to hear there their misconceptions of America. One of them was sooo very surprised to that America has homeless people. What? they couldn't believe it. TV and the travelers seem to have loads of money. You once you experienced Africa and you come back to America in your world you are shocked at it's wealth. And the extreme poverty that you see in Africa. But now being here after 7 months. The shock is gone and it is everyday life. To be exposed to extreme poverty everyday makes you a little bit numb but really understand that you can't change the whole world but change those people in your sphere. I really recognize that it helps to make small impacts than huge ones or do nothing at all. Me what I do to help. Get someone a bible or help a college student here with a job to earn money so they can pay off their schooling, or help those who work for me or work with the orphans. Help someone who comes in to my path. That is the small impacts I try and make everyday. It changes things for the better little by little. Just helping. thats all for now- Amy Louise

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