Sunday, August 31, 2014

Adjusting and transitioning back...

I know i have been quiet for about 2 months. I dont think until this week -I did not have a moment by myself to even think past the next moments!  We were so blessed to see family up in Washington for about 4 weeks.  We had not seen them for 3 years. Wowzers. 

It has been quite an adjustment coming back. Whether its shopping or Luke in awe of everything, we are all in culture shock and processing it in many different levels. Somedays are great and other days i would rather stay in bed and let the kids watch movies all day.  We see the adjustment especially with the kids as they had a huge campus about 50 acres to play on without not much worry as it was all fenced in and their best friends were right next door. Here we are in an apartment and we are feeling a bit confined. As Nya says that she needs to set up an appointment to see her friends!  It is true. But we are so thankful that school starts next week and new friends and appointments will be made to hang out!  We have been so blessed to amazing friends that we get to share life with as we have called San Diego home for the last 12 years even as we have lived in Africa 6 years of those years.

Bob starts at Faith Bible Fellowship this week. We are so excited to be apart of what God has called us to do. It is going to be an amazing journey as we begin this new season. It won't be easy and we will definetely see the up and downs of ministry on this side of the world but as we daily surrender - we will grow. (Okay. We will choose to grow). So thankful that as we can't see past the right now and we can quickly get overwhelmed if we worry about the future- we choose to take it to the creator of the universe to learn what He has for us.  

Thank you for your amazing love, prayers and support as we are slowly adapt to our "new normal". Thank you for your grace as we slowly get to catch up with many of our friends as we settle back into our new season of life!  
Love all of the Stauffy family

Below is a picture of us with Tina as she has settled into her new life working for a nonprofit health organization and doing amazing. 

Also with our families!