Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seriously way too long...

So Sorry! Really we have been super busy since we came off the airplane. What an amazing country this is that we are priviledged to live in. America. I love it. Of course after living in Africa, my perspective has changed but I love it even more since I came off that 37 hour flight. After a week of running around and seeing great friends - we headed up north to Spokane. We went right into family reunionland. You all know that land. :) It was great though. We have had a refreshing time with family!

Of course PF Changs was a must stop by! Seriously So Yummy! Here I am with Kaitlin and Emily and Bonnie - from our home church...

Cousins from my side of the family!8 girls and 2 boys!

Cousins from Bob's side of the family!

Here the girls are with their Grandma! Bob's Mom

We have been great! Thanks for loving and supporting us as we are here in America! just wanted to let you know that we didn't fall off the face of the earth. We have been enjoying target, dr pepper and rootbeer, all the delicious american cuisines, 7/11, amazing freeways, family, and great friends, driving on the right side of the road...(even though i start off on the wrong side of the road after Africa driving), all the fun food in the grocery store that has everything you could ever want and dream of, Target if I could say it again, Milk! Yummy!, paying with debit card, the pacific ocean, cousins for my girls and all the extended family they get to know and love. After living in Africa, I have a deep sense of love for America. It is a deep journey that I will blog about sometime.
Thanks for all of you have told me that you read this silly little blog- it has inspired me to continue to write. Sometimes I thought nobody wants to know about our journey! Well- I was wrong. thanks again for loving and supporting and praying for us. We couldn't be here and really there-Malawi without people behind us pushing us forward! The difference we make there maybe small but at least we are trying! And we could do it without our friends and family supporting us! Thank you again and again and again! Love- amy louise for the Stauffacher family!