Saturday, April 27, 2013

a look into Bob's life teaching...

I wanted to brag on my man!  He has really enjoyed teaching classes at the Master's program here at ABC.  This is a email from one of his students that I stole from his email... So encouraging!  Just a great reminder why we are here doing what we do!  Thank you to all of you who support and pray for us regularly!

From: Joyce Malata <
To: bob stauffacher <
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:04 AM
Subject: Word of appreciation

Dear Professor Bob,
I have received the feedback on the assignments.  I would like to thank you for all the effort that you have put on our studies which have changed my life.  I remember the time I just joined the program, I started late  because of the death of my beloved sister who died in my hands.  You accepted me, you encouraged me, you supported me.  I remember the time I submitted the first two assignments, that were not good at all.  You took your time, sitting down with me, coaching me, providing me with the important tips about academic writting.   This is one of the times that I will always remember in my life.  When I had moved from nothing to a level where I can do something good.

Through this course of Christian Doctrine, I have had lots of answers to the questions that  I always had about my life.  I have really learned that God is sovereign, He is faithful and most importantly is that He is in our midst  in whatever situation that we are going through.

May the almighty God continue giving you the wisdom and strength as you continue to minister to different types of people that are going through different challenges.

Thank you,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Everyday living!

Here are some pictures of life of the last few weeks...  We were able to get to the lake for 2 days with other missionary families and the rest of life happening...
Luke Swimming in Lake Malawi!

The kids in a local hot tub - the only problem is that it has a little hot water in a tub!

The girls at Lake Malawi

Easter egg hunt in our front yard!  In their bathing suits!

Why so serious?  You look like you are rocking it Luke!

This is a local soccer ball. Made out of plastic bags!

The girls loving their new clothes and Mac and cheese that they got in Love packages from family!  Thanks Warrick Family and Slack Family

Luke Loves to read!  That is how he wants to read all the time  on the floor!

Analise and her class!  Her teacher's brother came and talked about being a farmer in Iowa

Nya's Basket ball team!  Love after school sports!

Waiting for the president of Malawi to drive by.  Love those clouds.  

Look at Luke playing with new friends in a local village!

Nya and her classmates!  Malawi is known for their slogan... being the warm heart of Africa!

Life is happening over here.  We are plugging away at everyday living.  Bob has been super busy with classes, security stuff and now has been put in charge of the entire Master's program.  Busy Busy Busy man.  He has been loving teaching his classes and investing in his students.  The girls are busy with school, after school sports and friends!  Luke is almost 19 months and the campus is his world.  He loves loves people and wants to talk to everyone! Kinda like his mama!  So everyday is a new day to go and see it.  With over 300 college students, 100 workers and 400 academy teachers and kids - it is allot of people he gets to hang with!  Love it!   I have been busy being mama!  That includes to many people that walk through our door.

How you can keep praying for us this month...
- That we would keep investing in what God has doing right now.  
- Not lose the vision of what we are to be doing daily!  Our personal relationship with God, family and ministry!

Thank you for praying for us these last few months!  It has been intense!  We could not of made it through many of those storms without of faithful prayer warriors!  
Love- The stauffacher family!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Living life to the fullest

I love seeing our kids grow up in Africa! They don't struggle with culture issues! They don't get irritated when we lose power, don't have water or when there is no sour cream in the store! They simply embrace that this is home for now! Their world views are forever big. It has shaped them to become people that have seen so much -even more than they can process! So thankful that I get to apart of the process with them and they continue to teach me to live life to the fullest!

P.S. The picture of Luke is my favorite- I said to him "say goodbye" and he went and hugged this little girl and then giggled. I was so glad that I got this picture! Wish I had a dress to give her