Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On our way back- 39 days from today! Woyee as they say in Malawi- Africa

Time is flying by!  We head back to Malawi very soon! The end of December!  
 Details are looming and deadlines are now very real!  Please keep us in your prayers!

Here is Luke with one of our dear friends and previous student from African Bible College named Blessings!  He was doing a internship here in San Diego and flew back early November to start a ministry back in Malawi!  What treat to share life on this side with him.  These are the students we are working with in Malawi- They have a vision to change their country- one village - one person at a time!  There are around 350 students and we know about half since we have left on home assignment and new classes have come in.  Wow- 350 students to love and share God's grace on!

How to pray for us-

  • Malawi is a very poor country and the infrastructure of the government is not as good as ours! :)  Lack of fuel in the country, lack of regular electricity, and lack of water regularly ( we don't have the perfect one here in America- as we are 15 trillion dollars in debt ) :)

  • We would get all the details done, ie: shots, passports, visa, packing, buying clothes for the next 3 years for a family of 5. :)

  • We would be able to go back to the college and feel connected and plugged in.

  • As the girls go back to their school that they would feel cozy!

  • Traveling is going to be big!  at least 37 hours!  3 children now!  That it would be easy- how ever easy can be for that trip :)

  • That God would give us the strength to say good bye- see you later- see you soon - 3 years to our friends and family!

  • We would be able to have full financial support going back to serve in Malawi!

Thank you for loving, praying and supporting us!  Love all 5 of us! Bob, Amy, Nya, Analise and cute cute oh man he is cute (as the girls say) Luke

If you are interested in supporting us:

Please go to the following website:

or send it by mail:
African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher Family
PO Box 103
Clinton, MS  39060
ABC Phone Number: 601-922-1962

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seven Weeks! and Ten Pounds ALREADY!

Countdown has begun in this African bound Stauffacher household. We have 7 weeks - (that is a month in half!) to go until we head to Malawi.  The details are starting to count now!  All little minutes that fly by are being used wisely or at least supposed to be. :)  (I am still craving my bed as we are up still in the night with feeding!)  
This was taken yesterday Nov 12th! He loves his dada!
Getting some serious Grandma loving!  
The other countdown has been- Luke - now he is 6 weeks old this coming Wednesday!  Time is flying by!  We have enjoyed every minute with him.  The common statements are- "can I hold him?"  And "mom , I can't stand it- He is so cute, He is cuter than ever."  These girls can't get enough of their baby brother!  Neither can we.  He has gained cute baby fat as he is up to 10 in half pounds already!  Oh I can't wait for those chuncky baby thighs!
We appreciate all your love, prayers and support!  Love the Stauffy family!