Monday, July 05, 2010

The thankful heart...

Hello friends and family

We have seen God be so faithful. It is so very humbling to see God provide through our churches, friends and family. God has provided abundantly in ways we can always point it back to Him. You know you are blessed when He meets your needs even before it is a "need" . He has provided schooling for the girls, a second car, painting jobs for Bob, a house to live in the year, wonderful friends to share life with and many more small blessing that just add up to Yay! He is doing it and we get to be at the point of just depending on Him. Thank you to the many people that are apart of those blessings. Thank you for loving us in Christ and blessing us! We are humbled daily...

We have been through a huge journey. It is a huge journey living in Africa but now settling home for a year is a big journey too. You think as you come home - subconsciously you think that it will all be the same as what ever was before. It is definitely the same and definitely different. Things that are the same- those are simple comforts of home. But as we journey along we see we have had our thought processes have changed and we are not the same. It is ok to be at a different spot, but realizing that we need to apply what we have learned. We need to realize what we learned is important to us and it is now apart of our deep inner core of who we are. It is an amazing journey. Let me tell you- Humbled Daily is my saying for now. Asking God to fill the parts that are confusing - that is exactly where I am.

Through that journey on this side of the world we have had Analisey's party - A tuck shop birthday party... Her idea! A tuck shop is a little store they have at their school that sells food and drinks. Below are some picutures of that day... also below are some pictures of Tina as she sees the sights of San Diego!

Analisey's friends in front of the tuck shop....
Time for buying sweets!
The big 5 year old- my sweet friend Tammy did face painting. She is so great!

Downtown San Diego - Seaport Village with Tina! So glad that she is here. She starts school at Whitworth on Aug 25th. So we will take her Spokane this next week!

She is a little bit scared can't you tell!
Her first carousel ride.

Oh boy Nya is silly!

Well - just wanted to connect and tell you our story as it happens here. Thank you again for loving and praying for us. We love you all for that! Love all of us!