Thursday, May 27, 2010

what i love about my girls...

I love to hear my girls as they process life and how they see it. Simply and beautifully. The other night analise went and slept with Tina in her college dorm and then the next day went into town to get extenstions for her hair to be braided in.

They took a minibus and hung out all day together. It is amazing that 2 people can be soul sisters instantly. That is what happened to Analise and Tina.
I love watching how they get along. Analise asks Tina honest questions about anything and Tina responds honestly. I love to hear what they process together. The other day Analise was saying how glad she was that they are the same people under the skin. As she said " we got the same blood so that makes us the sames and we have the same middle name so we are sisters! " Simple understanding and simple love. Please pray for Tina as she has her visa appointment on June 2nd to get into the states for school. We are so excited to share our new daughter with you all. She is simply delicious.
Who knew that God could give me a heart to love another person with the love I have for my girls. Amazing love! See you soon. Lots of love- from all of us...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is next for us? Here is the Answer...

It is so amazing that 3 years have already gone by here in Malawi at the African Bible College, time has surely flown by. As most of you probably know, we are coming home to the U.S. for this next year to work for ABC on home assignment. We will be spending this time (1) sharing what we have done in Malawi to our supporting churches and our individual supporters, (2) volunteering our time at our home church, (3) working on projects for ABC, and (4)visiting and reconnecting with friends and family. We are so excited to be working stateside for this next year. We are also look forward to going back to Malawi the following year to carry out another 2-3 year term.

As we come home for this following year and share what we are doing at ABC, we would ask all our supporters to continue to support us financially through this time. This coming year is very important for us as we gear up and get ready for another term in Malawi. We have decided that being here in Malawi Africa is right where we are supposed to be. Across the continent, graduates of African Bible College are in demand. They are being placed in key leadership positions by evangelical denominations, para-church groups, mission organizations, and a host of other ministries. Graduates are involved in church planting, Christian radio production, school administration, Christian literature translation, and much more.

We covet your prayers and support during this time. Thank you all for your love and your willingness to be a part of our journey as we serve as missionaries with ABC. We look forward to connecting with all of you this coming year.

To continue supporting us as we serve in America and head back to African Bible College-

The address is:
African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher Family
P.O. Box 103
Clinton, MS 39060

With love,
The Stauffacher Family

(we sent this out in snail mail but I also wanted to put it on our blog...)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The past is gone... the future is ahead of us.

Wow- we are going on our 3rd Graduation- here I am with my senior ladies at my first gradutation
in June 2008.
here is analisey with her cute baby on her back. Being a true Malawian woman. This was our first week in Malawi. Look at my baby she is just turned 3 there....

Bob teaching Inductive Bible Study for the Sophmore class so they can go out and do outreach ministry all around Lilongwe, Malawi.

Here is Tina with Analise when she was 3 years old. Time has flown by and this June she will be 5! My baby :( Tina has been accepted by Whitworth University. She has a heart to lead and help NGO's and mission organization with impacting Africa. She has hearing at the embassy to get her student visa on this coming Monday. Please pray that all goes well. She will doing her International MBA at Whitworth in Spokane. We are very proud of her.

Here is Bob taking his world religions class to a local Mosque. They were so stretched to see how Christ is so different than that religion.

Here is Nya when she was 5 years old with a local outreach that the college students do for our village that is near us weekly. Look how little she is....

Bob on his first day of classes in August 2007. Wow- Amazing to think that we have been here 3 years already. We are so fortunate to have such amazing team of people praying and finacially supporting us. We have been able to leave a small imprint in people's lives here... We are planning to come back to do another term and are privledged that ABC would want us apart of that. So we pray that we will be able to come and serve here again. Thanks again for all the love and emails that I get. They are such an encouragement. Love- the stauffy family

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Your grace is enough...

My favorite song right now....
Wish I could have you watch as the students here sing it! WOW! They tell stories with this song...
There are amazing days that we are reminded of why we are here. A student came to our house telling of his story. As we are the Deans here at the College we are very invovled with stories like this... Edwin- A freshman has been unable to attend classes for about 4 weeks due to a very strange condition that no doctor here has been able to diagnosis. He has had it most of his life and it comes and goes. Well- There are some doctors here that are too expensive for him to afford. As he shared his condition I knew he needed to go to a specialist. For him it is unaffordable but due to people supporting us- it is affordable for us. So we were able to pay for him go see a specialist. So he went there on Wednesday to see him. I saw Edwin after that and he had the biggest smile on his face. I asked him what the specialist said. He said he knew exactly what it was and had special medicine for it. OH YAY! He said he never dreamed that someday he could he have answers for his sickness. I asked him for name - he said he didn't write it down. But there are answers. YIPPEE for answers... I love that Edwin came into our sphere and we were able to be apart of his story that God is using in his life. God carries us through journeys we don't understand But His Grace is Enough... It is enough to carry us to the next day.

This week is Spiritual Emphasis Week. It has been an amazing experience for us and the students. A special speaker has come from San Diego. From Horizon Church Bob Botsford has come to share on Our Enduring Hope. Such an amazing reminder as times get crazy and things go on that we can't control. We have a hope that is connected to an Amazing God. Bob brought his worship band here too. It is has Linkbeen such an treat to have them here. They are rocking the chapel here at ABC. Nya and Analise want to be in the front row each night as the " cool guys" are leading worship. They are called the Mike Clark Band - They have brought their talents and spoiled us. I love amazing worship!

Well- we leave Malawi in about 40 days - to live in San Diego for 12 months. As we are on home assignment with ABC - we will miss this land we call home. I am so used to it here that I think I will be culture shock when I go home. Home is somewhere here and somewhere in San Diego. Well- thanks for loving us, supporting us and praying for us as we continue to serve here in the amazing land called Africa. His grace is enough for today for you and even Edwin! Love- amy louise