Sunday, May 23, 2010

What is next for us? Here is the Answer...

It is so amazing that 3 years have already gone by here in Malawi at the African Bible College, time has surely flown by. As most of you probably know, we are coming home to the U.S. for this next year to work for ABC on home assignment. We will be spending this time (1) sharing what we have done in Malawi to our supporting churches and our individual supporters, (2) volunteering our time at our home church, (3) working on projects for ABC, and (4)visiting and reconnecting with friends and family. We are so excited to be working stateside for this next year. We are also look forward to going back to Malawi the following year to carry out another 2-3 year term.

As we come home for this following year and share what we are doing at ABC, we would ask all our supporters to continue to support us financially through this time. This coming year is very important for us as we gear up and get ready for another term in Malawi. We have decided that being here in Malawi Africa is right where we are supposed to be. Across the continent, graduates of African Bible College are in demand. They are being placed in key leadership positions by evangelical denominations, para-church groups, mission organizations, and a host of other ministries. Graduates are involved in church planting, Christian radio production, school administration, Christian literature translation, and much more.

We covet your prayers and support during this time. Thank you all for your love and your willingness to be a part of our journey as we serve as missionaries with ABC. We look forward to connecting with all of you this coming year.

To continue supporting us as we serve in America and head back to African Bible College-

The address is:
African Bible College
Attn: Stauffacher Family
P.O. Box 103
Clinton, MS 39060

With love,
The Stauffacher Family

(we sent this out in snail mail but I also wanted to put it on our blog...)

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