Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The past is gone... the future is ahead of us.

Wow- we are going on our 3rd Graduation- here I am with my senior ladies at my first gradutation
in June 2008.
here is analisey with her cute baby on her back. Being a true Malawian woman. This was our first week in Malawi. Look at my baby she is just turned 3 there....

Bob teaching Inductive Bible Study for the Sophmore class so they can go out and do outreach ministry all around Lilongwe, Malawi.

Here is Tina with Analise when she was 3 years old. Time has flown by and this June she will be 5! My baby :( Tina has been accepted by Whitworth University. She has a heart to lead and help NGO's and mission organization with impacting Africa. She has hearing at the embassy to get her student visa on this coming Monday. Please pray that all goes well. She will doing her International MBA at Whitworth in Spokane. We are very proud of her.

Here is Bob taking his world religions class to a local Mosque. They were so stretched to see how Christ is so different than that religion.

Here is Nya when she was 5 years old with a local outreach that the college students do for our village that is near us weekly. Look how little she is....

Bob on his first day of classes in August 2007. Wow- Amazing to think that we have been here 3 years already. We are so fortunate to have such amazing team of people praying and finacially supporting us. We have been able to leave a small imprint in people's lives here... We are planning to come back to do another term and are privledged that ABC would want us apart of that. So we pray that we will be able to come and serve here again. Thanks again for all the love and emails that I get. They are such an encouragement. Love- the stauffy family

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Megan said...

are you sure your girls have to grow up? those pictures are just how i remember them from meeting you on the plane! miss you and your sweet girls. :)