Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Learning life together!

Tamanda is one of my sweet friends I get to share life here in Malawi.  One day as I was sharing some struggles trying to understand a cultural issue here- she came along side and said a profound statement that helped me.  Many things have to be processed with and through me culturally but this one she said

"It is not a cultural issue mama- It is just a human issue..."

Love that she was able to be honest and help me know when to stop over analyzing it and realize that it an heart issue!  We are the same at the root- just have differences at the top...

We are quietly living life here.  The girls go to school and Bob is teaching his classes, all the while Lukie and I are sharing the journey together...  Enjoying the moments here in Africa!

Please continue to pray

  • As we need to remember that we may live culturally different but at the root of it all - We all need Jesus!
  • We would be a testimony of God's amazing grace being poured out in our lives daily!
  • Seems that some days- Living in a Third World Country gets very exhausting!  Whether its lack of electricity, water, internet, convenience, things get stolen, or just understanding and continually adapting to systems that don't work wear on us - We would keep our eyes focused on bigger things - HEAVEN!
  • That our family would continue to be intentional in all that we do!  
Thank you for your amazing support and love and prayers!  
Love- the Stauffy family!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

When Living in Africa is Normal...

So after almost 6 years living "on the other side of the world" from home becomes normal- it feels like there isn't much things to write about.  After 7 years of Blogging- I feel that I have run out of stories to tell.  I feel like I have shared my heart in so many different angles about what we experience here daily. I have experienced things that many people do not.  I get to give out to people in need in a tangible way, I get to love on people from another culture, I get live without water somedays and even electricity, I get to see life and death at it's rawest form, I get to see political corruption and how it destroys its country first hand, I get to shop in a huge outdoor market for clothes, veggies or anything else you can imagine, I get to eat foods from around the world and create life long friendships with people from another continent, I get to hash out life with other missionaries (with all of the up and downs that come with that) and it's our everyday normal.  

Somedays I love living in AFRICA and other days I crave to be HOME!  But when it comes to the end of the day, I am responsible for me and HOW I lived- and not WHERE I lived.  But I know really what I am responsible is my walk with Christ and what He has given me to do daily!  It's about my heart and How I take care of my time and what I spend my energy on.  First and for most is my Relationship with The King of the Universe, Second is being Mama and Wife for my little family and Third is what HE brings to my bubble.  Sure my bubble is here in Africa, But that is the order that I need to keep!  
If this is my everyday normal- then where I am living doesn't really matter (most of the time- let's be honest -  i do miss regularly family, costco, pf changs and lots of little things allot)  Because He has called us to live in Africa this season.  Until the next season, I am to focus not on what the stories will be or what I think they SHOULD BE  but what HE has called me to be doing right here and right now!  I should not be focusing on the fact that...

Distance between San Diego, California, USA and Lilongwe, Malawi, AFRICA 

 16430 km = 10209 miles

Ok! I am preaching to myself mostly!  So as I write this please continue to pray as we will focus on LIVING DAILY FOR THE KING!

Thank you for praying and loving on us!  Amy Louise for the Stauffy family

P.S.- As I finish this blog- Memory came into my room and (my sweet friend and ABC Graduate) is now laying on my legs telling me her dreams!  Thank you for reading my little bubble stories! 

P.S.S.  Here is a link to my many stories for the month of March 2008... 5 years ago... but at the same time it felt like yesterday!