Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Learning life together!

Tamanda is one of my sweet friends I get to share life here in Malawi.  One day as I was sharing some struggles trying to understand a cultural issue here- she came along side and said a profound statement that helped me.  Many things have to be processed with and through me culturally but this one she said

"It is not a cultural issue mama- It is just a human issue..."

Love that she was able to be honest and help me know when to stop over analyzing it and realize that it an heart issue!  We are the same at the root- just have differences at the top...

We are quietly living life here.  The girls go to school and Bob is teaching his classes, all the while Lukie and I are sharing the journey together...  Enjoying the moments here in Africa!

Please continue to pray

  • As we need to remember that we may live culturally different but at the root of it all - We all need Jesus!
  • We would be a testimony of God's amazing grace being poured out in our lives daily!
  • Seems that some days- Living in a Third World Country gets very exhausting!  Whether its lack of electricity, water, internet, convenience, things get stolen, or just understanding and continually adapting to systems that don't work wear on us - We would keep our eyes focused on bigger things - HEAVEN!
  • That our family would continue to be intentional in all that we do!  
Thank you for your amazing support and love and prayers!  
Love- the Stauffy family!

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Anonymous said...

thats sweet. i pray for you everyday. you are a blessing and i love you. teelita