Monday, April 28, 2008

Hi just a quick follow up!

So you remember that cute little girl. So last week Bob went to the Village and saw them. Her eye is completely normal and she is continually smiling so her mother says. What a treat! She looked like a totally different girl so said Bob. thank you for your prayers and love- The stauffacher family

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So this is what it is all about...

So you remember I had nothing new to share. How that changes in a day-the next day it all changed. Bob took the seniors to their outreach (remember the village of Mchoka - a previous post I did)and while they were there they saw a little girl with an eye infection. Of course there is no doctors for miles and miles. Bob over heard the leaders Rosemary and Joseph talking and saying to them "we will bring medicine next week" Okay so Bob swung into action and no lets take to the ABC clinic and get her to see the the doctor. So that is what we did. They have never been in a car much less in a city much less in a clinic! Amazing... We got to be apart of all that. That is why we are here. To impact!

Little Melenia here with her Momma Theresa... Her eye is swollen shut and unable to open.

Here is Melenia and Momma Theresa with the leaders (Rosemary and Joseph) of the outreach with my girls... We were able to get medicine and we will bring her back to the doctor to check up on her. You the amazing thing that if they werent going to that village who know what would of happened. What Rosemary and Joseph say probably she would lose sight with such a bad infection. They say it happens all time. We are so spoiled with our opportunities to go to the doctor whenever! So pray that the medicine takes affect and that Theresa eye would be better!

So that night we went to the Junior/ Senior banquet. That is where the Juniors serve the Seniors dinner... and us too!

All the students and staff waiting for the Junior to come and serve...
Here are all the Juniors getting ready to serve us

A special Singing performance

here is Mary and Tendeli and me!

Here I am with my friend Pam. She works with the Navigators here at ABC and other colleges... She has become a really treat to have in my Life... She is from Ireland and has lived here in Lilongwe for the last 5 years. Here are the Juniors waiting to serve us! MMMM doesn't look good?

Here is more friends... Rosemary, Me, Linda and Funa (Roesamary is the leader on the Outreach, Linda is a Freshman that is an amazing singer and Funa went to the Village with Bob over easter Holiday)

Here is a picture of Lisa (sixth grade teacher at the Acedemy) and Me and Ari the preschool teacher here!

Here is Catherine a senior with her Boyfriend Russel. She goes with me everyweek to teach Bible at a local Girls High school. She is one of my favorite students here. Love her

Here is a group together. Michelle the white tall lady is a missonary here helping put together the new Pediactric Ward and organize the Baby Ward and overnight clinic here. The girls and Cute Momma with the Baby Is Joshua, The is the Nasson Family! Friends of ours Remember from Nya birthday. Maya and Faith were there.

Here is Neke a senior with Nell Chinchin who started ABC along with her husband. Neke is from Liberia and has amazing stories to tell about surviving civil war in Liberia.

Analise was staying with a friend while all this was happening but it ran late so She got to come in her PJs. Here she is with Atupele. She is a senior also and she comes and hangs out with us alot! We love her! And so do the girls!

Lastly here is Bob with Roland. He and Bob are really good friends. Roland is a graduate of ABC and will be a missonary to a village out in Dzuwa in August. He has been the on campus maintaince person! Our friends from san diego will be coming in July to take His place. Josh and Emily are coming! Pray for them as you remember them

So that all for Now! Lots of love- Amy Louise

Thursday, April 17, 2008

hello...we are still kicking over here...

Wow time has flown by since my last blog. First of all my internet was down for a week. that really doesn't help. I could check email sometimes but that was it. So really I felt of out the loop. We are busy with School. As you know Bob is teaching 4 classes and I am teaching a bible study with the Senior girls. Nya is busy with school and Analise is dreaming that she was in School. I have been able to meet with some of the college girls and other girls here on campus for one on one what should we call it - counseling or mentoring ( I am too young to be a mentor) or discipleship. I have really enjoyed it so much. Really I have been stretched and learned so much about myself through it. We are on our 9th month here and man we really can't believe it.

So here are questions for you the readers. What is that I have not told about Malawi or here at ABC. What questions do you have for me about Africa. What pictures or videos do you want that I haven't given you. My mind is blank in what to give you next. So Email at I will answer here on the blog if it not too personal! I will do anthing for my readers.

thank you for your love and support and prayers... Love all of us the stauffy family

Friday, April 04, 2008

This is our outreach....

Here are some videos and pictures of our Outreach... Please read the first post at the bottom of the videos and then watch the videos. If you have it sent to your email you will have to go to my blog to see the videos...

Love - amy louise

Praying for our journey to the Village

Starting out and Starting out singing

Still Singing and Analise is Asleep and Nya ears are ringing

Driving to Village Mchoka

Arriving at Mchoka

Kids singing at the Village Mchoka

Saying Goodbye

Hey you want to join us for our outreach?

So here it is. We went with Bob with his Open Air Outreach that he does every Thursday. These are the seniors of the class... The students designed a ministry in this class and make it happen every week. They do door to door evangelism and work with the local church to disciple the people they bring to the Lord. They are doing a great Job and so here are some pictures...

Here we are beginning our journey at ABC... We left at 1:30pm (during Analise's naptime...) It takes about 1 hour to get to the village of Mchoka.
Inside the bus
On the Road called M14. It is the landscape is beautiful
Here is Cecelia Christopher and her kids and Nya and I... We shared the gospel with her with our door to door evanglism...
Nya and Chokandi as we walk back to the bus...

Here are my girls with the kids...

Our family with the cute kids

So I put videos of us on our journey... Please enjoy... thanks for joining us as we go and love the students of ABC and the people of Mchoka...