Thursday, April 17, 2008

hello...we are still kicking over here...

Wow time has flown by since my last blog. First of all my internet was down for a week. that really doesn't help. I could check email sometimes but that was it. So really I felt of out the loop. We are busy with School. As you know Bob is teaching 4 classes and I am teaching a bible study with the Senior girls. Nya is busy with school and Analise is dreaming that she was in School. I have been able to meet with some of the college girls and other girls here on campus for one on one what should we call it - counseling or mentoring ( I am too young to be a mentor) or discipleship. I have really enjoyed it so much. Really I have been stretched and learned so much about myself through it. We are on our 9th month here and man we really can't believe it.

So here are questions for you the readers. What is that I have not told about Malawi or here at ABC. What questions do you have for me about Africa. What pictures or videos do you want that I haven't given you. My mind is blank in what to give you next. So Email at I will answer here on the blog if it not too personal! I will do anthing for my readers.

thank you for your love and support and prayers... Love all of us the stauffy family

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