Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Our family christmas picture!
Giving Tina a inside joke cake for her birthday!
Analise loving on Grandpa's new dog and as she enjoys the the snow.
The girls sledding in the snow in their pajamas - They couldn't wait...

The girls going out in their jammies in the snow! Seriously they couldn't wait!

Life flies by! We are loving this Christmas as we are able to spend it with family! What a treat. We are loving the snow and all that comes with it. We have been able to sled and play. The girls have loved experiencing snow for the first time. Tina has too. We so blessed and grateful for the simple gifts that a Holiday season is. Wishing you all an amazing Christmas! Love- all of us!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Update on cute Tina!

Well- It has been 6 months since Malawi ( Tina!) landed unto American soil. I love hearing as she processes life here in America! In September, she began for her MBA! - She is getting A's and doing amazing. Amazing. She has been staying with my parents and loving it. I am so proud of her and she has really done well! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.
International Dinner with my parents

Displaying her Malawian Pride!
With her fellow African girls at Whitworth.
She loves the snow!
Dancing in the snow!
Hmmm- eating snow! Cute girl!
Here is some snippets of her latest update.
Dear family and friends,
It is almost December and i will be half a year old in the States, unbelievable!
I hope this email finds you well. I am doing great and thank God for the good health.
The snow is finally here. I could not believe how beautiful and quiet it looks when it snows. It is a very amazing experience for me and i am so excited. I dont mind the cold weather right now, i am just thrilled by God's wonderful creation. How did God make snow? It is so amazing for me. I am looking forward to learn some outdoor sports in this kind of weather. I have also decided to open a restaurant and make snow pizzas, i hope i will work. My grandparent (Gary and Barb Warrick) are keeping me warm. Their house is so cozy. Thank the Lord for His provision.
I miss friends back in Malawi. I keep in touch with them online but it was great having one MalawianAmerican friend visit us at the beginning of this month. Her name is Michelle Halemeier, she is a missionary in Malawi also serving at ABC (African Bible CollegeChristian Academy). She is on ferlough and she will be heading back to Malawi in January. I also went with her at Susie's house (my new aunt) to carve an orange pumpkin. In Malawi, pumpkins are green. It was great catching up with her and reminding each other of the great times we had in Malawi.
God has also been faithful in bringing new friends in my life. I have met a couple of girls who are dear to me now. I also had a chance to start going to a college ladies Bible study group. I met new friends there as well. I hope to go again soon.
We finally had our international banquet. It was on friday the 19th. I was able to participate in the fashion show and i also carried my Malawian flag. We had food from different parts of the world. It was fun to try new things. Gary and Barb came with me. They enjoyed the banquet and some amazing performances.
The adventure of seeing and experiencing new things in America continues. There is thanksgiving coming up this week. I am so excited. People keep on talking about the turkey and foods i have never eaten before. This week, I am trying to keep myself hungry so that i can eat and try everything on Thursday. I am also looking forward to Christmas. It will be my first white Christmas and also my first white birthday. My family (The Stauffachers) is also coming on the 16th of December. It will be great to spend some good time with them.
God bless you so much for all your prayers and support.
Love-Christina (Tina)

Have a fun preparing for the holidays! Lots of Love- amy louise