Tuesday, June 21, 2011

life on the road...

One place to another! Seeing friends and enjoying every minute it. Eating different foods and smelling different smells! Internet working at some places- others not. Getting crabby and working it through! Life to the fullest on the road... Will update when I have a moment longer than blink of eye!
the stauffachers!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


We are getting some serious family time as we travel! Bonding and fun family memories are being created! We are so blessed to been given this time together.
We are in the middle of Texas today! On our way to Dallas- Yesterday we drove 4 hours with every gas station abandoned! Hmmm times have changed... Crazy how big and vast and sometimes desolate is our country is. When you live in the city - we forget about the big land called country! We have seen things that have blown us away! This land is so diverse with it's landscape and people! As we continue towards the south ( we have never been past texas) We will continue to see how big this country is! Will keep you updated with pictures and updates as we go! Thank you for prayers and love! Lots of love- Bob, Amy, Nya and Analise and little boy cooking in my tummy!