Thursday, April 21, 2011


Learning to trust- It is huge. Knowing that even if it doesn't make sense- We can trust that His story is a way better story than our story that we have figured out. This is what I am learning and really choosing daily to live my life by. Daily trust is teaching me about my daily thing about giving up my control of what I think is best. In my little world- it is all about me! And really in the scheme of things - It is all about Him. Oh that little thing called control and pride and so forth are my daily journey of surrender.

This last months have been a deep learning to trust story. We were planned to leave in July for Malawi - Africa - to continue serving at African Bible College as we have been for the last 4 years. I found out I was pregnant one day after we had rented out our house. hmmm. This is what we have praying for and deeply craving for years- But when I got pregnant- It wasn't planned (according to my schedule) and I literally had given up on trusting that another little stauffy was apart of our journey! I had told the Lord- whatever- I trust You know what is best- But I am so over "trying to get pregnant" And then there it was a positive baby test- WOW! Trusting that this baby is what is in the story. Many of you know that I am not the best baby carrier! I have had 4 miscarriages and lost our son at 9 months, barely carried Analise to the end and really why are we doing this again? I get super sick and my toilet has been my best friend for the last 2 months! (sorry to my friends that are people) Trust- Knowing His Story is way better than my story. So we are trusting that, as we are ready to be back in Malawi serving but that this cute little beepers is the story that God has for us and we are really excited for that. So we wait until this cute little chicken is cooked and ready to come. And trust that when it is time to move back to Africa- It is His time!

TRUST- He knows the plan and really has got it figured out. Even we can't see the whole story. We are such controlling people and really really think we know what is best. We live selfishly and consume our time and energy on us. I am guilty of it and as I surrender to trusting in Him that it takes the focus and puts it back on Him.

I want to say thank you for your love, encouragement and support of us! I know it has been forever since I have posted a blog- But really when you are nausea - it is no fun to type. I didn't have many deep thoughts lately anyways- so I was quiet. except for throwing up! And those were deep! TMI :)

An update on our girl Tina ( who we adopted from Malawi ) who is living in Spokane working on her MBA! She is doing amazing. My parents and her came for visit this last month. Well- they visited me in my bed... But she is doing great in her studies and has been learning and culturally adjusting quite well. She is an amazing student and really has done well with all her classes! if anyone wants to read her update just email me.

Well- I will connect again- Thanks for being apart of our story! Love- amy louise