Sunday, March 31, 2013

some singing and dancing!

Happy Easter!  He is Risen! and Our lives are forever changed because of that!  Thought I would share a couple videos of the girls chapel and a snippet of Luke dancing! (its far away because if he saw me - he would of stopped and it was too cute!)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

washing dishes and Ziplocs...

Another day passes by here in Africa.  I am listening to my children play with their dad outside and Billie Holiday - :) !  I am washing my dishes and my ziploc bags.  I know how funny that might sound to many of you.  But Ziploc bags are like gold here and we reuse them until they shred apart from washing.  I am not a big fan of washing ziploc bags... I really just don't like dishes in general, but I love my ziploc bags so it's worth it! I remember how I thought I would wash them once I came back to states for our home assignment but I would throw them away way quicker than I would wash them.  So it got me thinking about how I may cherish them here but I don't as much in while living in the States.  Oh well!  These are the things that you learn about yourself!

  I definitely am not cherishing these days- they are very stretching and challenging.  I am ready for easy and relaxing.  I am ready for cozy and ahhhhhh moments.  Those moments are not existing right now.  I know this is where I grow in my walk with God.  I know this is where I get to radiate grace.  I am not up for it.  Good thing that emotions come and go, But obedience is my real response. I choose to obey the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart and be quick to see where God is working. I choose not to focus on those earthly things but keep my eyes focused on Him!  The creator and perfecter of my faith!

Please keep us in prayer!  We are asking daily for wisdom and we want to be choosing to focus on eternity!

Things that you can pray for...

  • Security on campus has been very frustrating ...  We had our house broken into and Bob's computer stolen.  We found it through a very intense investigation and so thankful for that.   Ultimately it is just things.  But it is a very cherished thing!  Please pray for Bob (as he is head of security on the campus) as he continues to deal with break ins on campus and make this campus as safe as possible.
  • Pray for wisdom and God's ultimate leadership of the entire campus.
  • Pray that we would invest in our family as we continually serve here!
  • Pray that we would choose Jesus in all that we do!
  • Pray for continual support as our monthly support has declined and life here is getting twice as expensive.  
Thank you for loving on us and praying and supporting us!  
Big high fives from all of the Stauffacher Family as we continue on here in Malawi - AFRICA (very far away from home - as it feels today)!