Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wow! We are home...

Crazy to think it takes 2 days to fly home from Africa.  We traveled well- it was just very looooooonnnnnggggg!  40 hours it took to get home.  It is surreal to be back.  It feels like we never left and yet we did.  Emotions are all over the place.  Up and then down - I feel that the kids are the ones feeling it more- we left the place they call home.  They know of this place called San Diego but yet it is in small people memories.  We have been so blessed to call Africa home and yet are so thankful to be Home here in San Diego.  The kids have noticed a huge difference this time and see the many stark contrasts.  So interesting to hear them process it.  Even little Lukie gets it - that we are far from campus.  Poor Sugarbear! :(

Anyways - as we are settling in -we are having to work on find phones, insurance, schools for the girls, mail and job stuff!  Just the everyday life stuff that we are starting from scratch.  It is overwhelming to say the least.  It really is amazing how no choices of anything to 100 different kinds of chips can make you want to go to bed for the rest of the day.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and prayers and love as we have come back!

Please continue to pray:
  • Clarity on a potential job for Bob
  • that we would grow immensely from this season
  • we would find Christ in all that we do and radiate Him
  • As we all adjust that God would carry us through the rough patches

Yay God:

  • We got all of our luggage and our planes transfers were amazingly smooth
  • We were able to move into a missions apt that we had lived in before.  So simple and refreshing having not to worry about the details
  • Amazing friends have provided cars that we can use as we are running around putting our new life together
  • God has really given us peace that we are supposed to be here right now at this season

Below are some pictures of the last week or so... Friends and family!

We will keep you updates as our journey continues!  We love you all!
Family picture day on ABC Campus

Oh boy we are squished

Bob introducing the Master Graduates

Last year graduate Chimweme

Family time with Funa

With the administration staff

Friends and fishing buddy

Master students

Fellow graduate and friends





Jill and I

Graduate of the day!  Fiki!

Fellow gradates and Master classe graduate