Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas from Malawi

Seriously time has flown by and it's almost 2010. WOW! We have been privileged here at ABC Christian Academy to be involved with every year has an amazing school play at the end of this last semester. It was well done and fun to see the girls be apart of. Below we dedicated the play to a local orphanage that we all are connected to. In the white shirt is Paul Chinchen - President of ABC introducing Annie Brown who is directly involved with that orphanage.

She also brought some of the local kids from the orphanage to the play as you can see above.

Here is Nya waiting to do her part in the play. She had many songs to sing and a she did a line in the play all by her self. (yes I am proud mama) She did tell me that it did take at least a 100 hours for it to be done.

Here are the cute girls before the play began. Analise was a Angel and she really was.

Here she is waiting patiently for the program to start with her friend Taymeike. Cute Girlies!

Our annual Christmas Party at the US Ambassador's house includes getting to see Santa Clause. Nya knows that He isn't real but for Analise it still is a concept that is hard to get down. But as soon as she saw him- she said - He isn't real- He has a watch on - that is just a man dressed up! Well- her bubble was popped when she saw the watch. She has since then forgot about it. So we just let it alone. The joys of childhood.
We have had a great beginning of the holiday. We will be involved with our church this week and going to many Christmas parties. Let the festivities begin!
We just want to say Merry Christmas! From all of us!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Well...they say it will soon be over...

Well hello from No Gas Land. We have been not going anywhere for the last few weeks due to the fuel crisis. It has been pretty frustrating. Some fuel has come in spurts. It comes in and there about 100 people waiting and then a 100 more people come so it is pretty crazy. So we just continue to wait it out. It feels like being snowed in for those who have ever experienced that. So we wait and see. It has been not very fun to say the least.

We have been busy with just life. When you are doing the same things everyday. It does get not very newsworthy. We are thankful to be here right here, right now. We have some missionaries leaving due to medical needs this month. They have been in Africa for 40 years. Amazing couple. They have given 27 of those years to African Bible College. Their story is refreshing and amazing. It will be very sad to see them leave. Please continue to pray for Glenn and Fern Byerly. They began their journey in 1970 serving in the Congo. From there they heard about ABC in Liberia and moved over. They went through the war teaching until bullets caused them to leave. They went back about a year later and continued the ABC in Exile with the refugees of the war and ABC students is Guinea. From there, they moved to ABC Malawi and has an amazing impact in 100s of students lives. They story reminds me to continue to push through even though I am pushed out. They remind to see God's sovereignty in all situations. I seek Him when it is good and when it gets bad. Faith is built not on emotions and experiences but who He says He is. I am thankful to have people in our lives to point us back to the simplicity of the Cross.

Thank you for loving us through your emails, prayers and support! Thank you thank you- Love all of us!

PS I tried to add pictures but it didnt upload. We try again later!