Monday, February 25, 2008

Just sharing life and what God does in our lives...

Okay here are most of the girls that showed up for our first Bible study at the high school outreach that we do. We are playing a game called Dr. Tangle. THe girls all tangle themselves up with out breaking hands. There were 43 girls came. We are studying 2 Corinthians 5-13. Theyare so excited.
I wanted to share an email from a college student that I have been encouraging in her walk with Christ... She helped me with my basketball game with the Junior and High school girls at ABC Academy on Saturday and we had a chance to talk then...
"Hie dear,
I really appreciate so much for whatever thing you told me
on saturday morning. Every word that you spoke to me
mearnt a lot and it brought a relief in my heart. I am really
so thankful and i thank God for you and for the courage
and the right words that He gave you to share with me. I
am now living so peacefully as before. I have realised that
God is the only best friend i should trust for He will never
disappoint me. Thank you so much my love. May God
continue blessing you. Have a blessed night swit. Love you!" a sophmore at ABC college...
So if that was why I came here was worth it. Thank you for being apart of her journey. Lots of love- Amy Louise

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Anonymous said...

Oh My! What BEAUTIFUL young women! Please tell them I enlarged the photo of them so I could see each of their lovely faces and what I saw was such beauty! Have fun! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Love you lots! Zina