Saturday, February 09, 2008

It is just a book...

Something that I have noticed there are not many books here in Malawi. I asked my friend Mwale if he had any books. No he replied. I am thinking to my self No books. Surely he has a Bible... No he says most Malawians don't have a Bible especially those in the villages which is most of the country. My brain starts to go to all my bibles. Which one should I give him. I have 3 here with me. I justify that I need them all. They all serve different purposes. I am a rotten horder. So I ask him did he want a Bible His eyes light up and responds Oh yes He had one a long time ago and wishes he could save and get one. But with hard times it has been hard to save much less survive. He asks if he could have a Chichewa Bible. Whew I am off the hook I can keep my 3 bibles. (my yucky attitude stinks) Anyways so I go on search to find a Chichewa Bible. 2 weeks later of asking around I found one for 7 dollars. That is very expensive when 7 dollars feeds a family on maize for a month. I am glad that we get to help and I get to my selfish, non sharing attitude. Not much more from me- amy louise

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