Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rain in Africa...

What a treat to finally not have Rain. It has rained every day for the last 3 months. What is Rain for Africa. It is the lifeline for this country. The rain allows the crops to grow and that is the Maize. The main staple so there is no starvation. The Malawians harvest in March or so. If it rains too much it will ruin the crop. We are right at the point of are the crops going to be ruined or will it stop raining and allow the crops come to their full harvest. I am so amazed with how they all handle the rain. Mind you that there is not much cement here so every thing is soooo very muddy. I am so not a friend of mud. The city girl in me. Of course before there were big cities there was mud. And that is what we got here. MUD... They handle it so well. I am the big sissy. But it is also very hard on their houses and many fall down when it rains too much. So many families are left homeless. We are so blessed and even living right next to it, it is easy to remain insensitive. I have a wonderful house but I still want to fix it and make it better. But yet my neighbors house may be falling down. I need to continually make that concinsess choice to invest in my neighbors. I will go and take some pictures today of the crops and countryside green so you can see. I will post them tomorrow. We are in very busy mode. It is a very busy semester now. Continue to pray for our health and that we would invest in our neighbors. Love- amy louise

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