Friday, October 23, 2009

Us girlies singing

They asked me if I would sing and I am not a singer. But I would sing for fun if my girlies would sing, so we did it together.


The Bill Rudge Ministries said...

These three could be on American Idol

Anonymous said...

Oh you just made me cry and cry. Girl... you are THE bravest girl I know. I can't believe you did that and then Nya...she did so good. I just couldn't help cry cry cry. I miss you so much! Analisey was so serious! Love the end high five that was so serious too. Oh love you love you love you! SK

Sarah said...

you've got it woman...Praise God you will never lose it either!!! AND THE GIRLS! Could hardly stand it. Love how the crowd ate it up!!! Shinin' all over Malawi!! Whoohoho!!