Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday in Malawi!

Nya and Martina at snack time 
Analise at Chapel

Luke on Dada's shoulder!

Here is a glimpse of what happened here in Malawi today!  The girls went to school in the pouring rain!  It rains cats and dogs here!  Every Friday is chapel day at the girl’s school!  So I went and saw them!  The girls were either presenting a verse or singing a song at chapel.  Very cute!  Luke and I ran up there (still no car) in the rain with an umbrella!  Very fun!  I am so glad I brought my rain shoes!  I stayed until their snack time!  So fun to see all their friends!  
The college students have come back from Christmas break!  We have had a very busy house getting to know the new students and connecting with the Junior and seniors that we already know!  I love hearing their stories and love on them with food and a coke!  Everything is better with a coke!  (Sounds like a commercial but it is true!)  Luke has been every mama's arms and their aunties!  Too cute!  Some he screams and others he loves it!  Love that he feels free to voice his opinion!
Here is how you can be praying for us today:

  • Malawi is not doing well- the country is falling apart due to the president not taking care of its people- People are very sad and becoming violent- There is little gas in the country, electricity goes out daily for about 1-2 hours or more, water is not working either, and the prices of food has gone up 200% since we were here last. So please pray as the Malawian people are worn out that they will seek God through this. These kinds of problems are where God gets to shine! The stories of His faithfulness are amazing!
  • Pray for our family! Malaria is a very real sickness that kills. I am so glad we caught it early here for Analise but the malaria season is still going on. Just pray for health and that God will sustain us.
  • Also pray for the girls as they are readjusting to Malawi- They now are missing their friends and their school there in San Diego! It is an emotional journey to move and start again. 
  • Pray, as we love on the college students and missionaries that we would point them to Jesus!
  • Pray that we would seek daily Jesus to sustain us as we do ministry here!

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