Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life in Africa...

Life has calmed down since we arrived 3 weeks ago here in Malawi!  We have gotten used to the electricity going out.  We have gotten used to going nowhere except on campus (we haven't gotten a car yet) - side note- I can't believe how much we are in the car in America.  The girls have told me many times how glad they are that they don't have to go anywhere in the car since we have been here.
We have gotten used to the many people that show up at our door and we get to love and feed them!

Here are some snapshots of our little journey.  I realize I don't take pictures with my camera phone as I would with a real camera. I need to replace my stolen one.  Until then- please be patient...
This is Nya reading a book under her mosquito net in the dark

Analise in her bed as we go through another no electricity night

The girls with their chameleons Pascal and Rango

Luke cozy on mama's bed doing what he does best - sleeping during the day! Still working on the through the night thing!

The girls on their way to school!  They are so glad they get to scooter their way to school every day!

Luke hanging out with Mr Mwale!  Mr Mwale is going to teach him Chichewa - he tells me!

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