Monday, January 09, 2012

If you cant see the video...

If you can't see the video- go to or click on the words The African rain in blue on the previous post.  Please continue to pray as this country is not at its best, the power went out 3 times today for over 8 hours!  It has been interesting; we just don't open the freezer or refrigerator!  We have a back up generator but there is no fuel to run it.  So we are living very simple!  Please also pray for Luke!  He is sleeping in weird hours so I am awake for most of the night!  It is getting very exhausting.  We are healthy and thankful to be right here right now!  We still haven't found a car.  If we did, it would be another prayer to find gas to run it.  Oh the simple things we take for grated!  My one friend found gas here but it cost $150 to fill up a small car!  Oh my!
Thanks for praying and loving us!  Love- the stauffy family

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