Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayer works!

Here is Bob in the village of Mchoka! The beautiful kids that the team goes to is all about sharing love and life with every thursday...
Just always excited to pose for pictures...

MMMM the simple impact of love that transforms a persons life. that is what is being shown every time they go out there to that Village. To be consist and love deeper and teach the simple truths of God.

Can you smell it? It is the most amazing smell in the world these flowers. (these were taken by a friend of mine so nice to share with me.)

The fire trees on campus. These are everywhere this time of the dry season. We are almost in rainy season where it rains really hard for about hour or so each day. Or sometimes more.

A man on bike hauling wood to sell. SO that is real life. How much do you love your car now? And your Job? I always reminded of the simple blessings.
I want to say thank you for all the emails and prayers my sweet friends. After about 12 hours of putting on the blog that I was sick- I have been feeling so much better. Even though it was such a weird virus, that there was no answers with the blood work but I just really feel better. Only knowing that I have people supporting me in prayer. Prayer works! Thank you. I love having you all as my dear friends!
Lots of love- amy louise


God plus Four said...

So glad that you are feeling better! It is so neat to see the pics! Those faces! Makes me want to reach out and squeeze their cheeks! Thanks for the email, still can't believe my own posts when I read them. I hope not to become calloused and to always be impacted by whatever God does, not only the big things but the little things. I want to live in awe of Him. We are priviledged to be breathing! Love you and hear from you soon! Caren

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. Praise God for his work.
We are praying with you all and we carry you in our hearts.

We are well. And are slowing down to enjoy the holidays and our kids.

We love you -
James V.