Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Update...

Good news... Nya's teacher's Mrs. Tricks Husband is home in Malawi. It is a true miracle. The doctors told them that they would have at least a month of recovery in a rehab place in South Africa. But on Sunday he flew up and got to see all the family and is walking and talking and living life like nothing happened. Thank you for your prayers.

For us- I have been sick for the last 4 weeks with an unknown bug. I have done so much blood work and not has showed up. I know 2 other people that seem to have the same problem as me. So it has been concluded that it is a strange bacterial infection with just fatigue and weakness as the symptoms. I am getting better slowly, but really would love your prayers in that. No one else has been sick in our family but me - so that has been good.

We have been super busy even still. Bob teaching classes and taking his outreach team and seeing people come to know the Lord and also grow deeper. He has been so enjoying going out and reaching the uneducated and educating them the simple truths.

I have been teaching a senior college girls bible study and it has been great! We are just going to deep and answering questions that are not often discussed about faith, sex, marriage, families and women issues! It is amazing to see that Christian culture transends all cultures. There are 15 women in my class and it is fun to get in deep discussions. This is something I love! Women talking about life and who it all works together as we live our lives for Christ!
Love you lots- thanks so much for all that support, pray for us! We are here in Africa making a difference due to you all. I can't believe we have been here now for almost 16 months. That is a long time! love and miss you- amy louise

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Robin said...

I am praying for you right now.
Love you much, Robin~