Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

So hello from Malawi. We are celebrating Thanksgiving here with our friends here. I found a ham and am making scalloped potatoes with greenbeans. Sound great to me. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

Here is some pictures of Bob's class that went to the Islamic temple here in Malawi. This has never been done so it was amazing experience for both sides. The Muslims here said that never has any Christian organization come to them in peace anThe Muslims talked about their faith and the students in the class were able to ask questions.

So here they are at the Temple.

The outside of the temple

This is where they wash their hands and feet. Cleaniness is apart of the Koran

The inside of the temple. It is very plain and they say it is that way so they are only focused on Allah!

Here is the Class in session. I like seeing Bob in the middle of all that. The world religions class will visit a Hindu temple this Monday. It is one thing to hear and read but to be apart and really talk with other people's religion takes it to a deeper level! Keep praying that we will impact the students and help transform their lives!
We love you all- Thank you for praying for us! We are doing great here because your love, emails, packages, prayers and support of us! Love- all of us!

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive, the opprotunities that Bob makes for his classes are mind blowing. How rich of an education the students are getting. I am proud to be your mom.