Saturday, January 22, 2011


Our home in Malawi
Our home in San Diego

I have come to a "deep" conculsion that I have 2 homes. I know that really is not new "news" but it is profound for me as I went on deeply thinking about how life is to have a world split. To have a life that is split in 2 worlds is quite deep and crazy. To cherish and love both is even deeper and crazier. But as I am preparing to gear up to go into the other world- halfway around the world, I am finding that I cherish this world that I living in so much more and at the same time so enjoy how much I have over there in that world. Confusing but simple. But as I continue to think about it- home for me is where my family is. My worlds can be split in 2 but at the same time be whole. As I continue down this path- I realize and am so thankful that I really only have ONE home and that is what my energy should be focused on. Life with my eternal father. Not that I that I don't take care of my homes here but my hope and joy is eventually sharing life with the King of the all the worlds.

What a joy to refocus and remember light of eternity... what really matters...

Family and Sharing eternal life with the King!

Perspective is what He wants and am so thankful that He is faithful to remind us of it! He certainly has reminded that for me! Lots of love- amy louise

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Jill said...

What a wonderful post! I can't wait to meet you in our "new" home!