Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already mid January- Where does the time go? We are so blessed to have another year starting off in San Diego that will be ending in Malawi Africa. We definitely on are full gear up mode. I know for many of those reading are thinking - that is not until this next July- but wasn't it just summer around here. It flew by! We are treasuring the time we have been given still here in this place we call home!

Bob's family - his 2 brothers and their families and his parents
My family and 2 sisters and brother and parents...

We were priviledged to spend Christmas with each of our families!
It was so cute to see the cousins have quality time together - priceless.... It is very interesting the older we get to see the journeys that our families go on. We all have different paths. Different stories! We come together and share those- but there is a common thread. We are from the same family blood line. We have common memories and common backgrounds. But our future is different, our stories are different and that is amazing. What if we all did the same thing? It would be boring and not very interesting. I love it! These stories that are shaping our lives. Our kids lives. Our stories now will be their stories and so it goes.
So this year I am into making the moments count. The exciting moments, boring moments and even drama moments. These are the moments we have been given. Not the moments that we dream of- not that those can become reality but often they never come and we miss out
on these right now moments. That is all I have - Right now! We have been given today - When God teaches us to pray - He tells to focus on today- we are not praying for tomorrow but for today!

Matthew 6:11

11 Give us today our daily bread.

So we keep on keepin on in these moments we have today!

Thank you for your friendships, love, support, and prayers- the stauffy family!

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