Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on my arm...

Hi! So the latest on my nerve problem is this. I saw the bone doctor, got xrays and was told not promising information. Pretty much I have disc in my neck that is bulgding out and is pushing on a nerve that goes all the way down to my fingers. He called it a double crush nerve impendgement ( at my neck and my wrist). So it is not good because there is not a MRI machine to look at my neck here in Malawi to see exactly. I need to go to the western world. Lovely. So my specific prayer request is that the nerve will be able to worked out through physical therapy. The blessing is that there is a physical therapist here that is from the UK that has worked with people on this nerve problem. So I would be so very happy if it as I am here in this third world country that manual traction physical therapy thingy would work. Thanks for you prayers and love - amy louise

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Anonymous said...

Aaaaawwww sad. I'm so sorry about this. Wish I could come help with things. Love you lots and hope the physical therapy is awesome!