Thursday, April 12, 2007

here is another update from a fellow missionary...

Thank you for your prayers!
By God's grace and your prayers:The thirty member African mission team arrived safely in San Diego. The illnesses among the team did not interfere with the mission and were largely resolved by the time we arrived in San Diego. Much was accomplished! During their short stay, the drill team members; trained the African team in the use of the drilling rig, started the well by going through 43 feet of solid rock, and saw the door opened to a relationship with the Masai. At the school, two classrooms were plastered inside and out, ready for the next semester; the entire school was taught by the team for the week and 220 children were seen in the medical clinic. During the crusades and street evangelism, the Lord saw fit to add to His Kingdom.And the heart's of all who went were drawn nearer to the Lord!Glory to God!
Dave Slack

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