Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You would have loved being at my house last night...

So last night we had 6 freshman students in our house for dinner last night. It was a meeting to plan the upcoming trip 5 hours away in one of the Students village. They are planning to show the Jesus film and do evangelism and discipleship there with one of the local churches. It was so refreshing to hear their hearts and how excited they are to go and share and make a difference in their hometown. Blessings ( the freshman who had this on his heart to do it) recruited 6 students to go with Bob (Bob is his Genesis teacher here) in March to do this about 5 hours north of here. There are 3 girls and 4 guys and Bob. Their excitement to clearly share the gospel and impact these people's lives was refreshing and so neat to hear their heart as they want more for these people that live in this village that I don't remember the name of. So Blessings, Gordon, Joseph, don't know the other guys name, Fannie, Wanuga, and Funa will go with Bob to Blessings hometown which is a rural village and share the hope that has transformed their lives. So the bigger car comes in handy for this. I wish i had my camera so I could of given you a picture of it. But they are fun, teasy, passionate kids that range from 19-24 going on this trip. They are what this campus embodies. Teaching Africans to reach Africans. They do it best. And We meaning Bob- gets to be apart of it for real. Me I stay home and pray for them! Of course I want to go! But where would we sit! :) On the top! Anyways just a snipet of our nights here in Malawi.

So Analise is feeling better, no more fever just crankies! Maybe 2 year old crankies or maybe tired of being sick crankies. Who knows she can't tell me even though I ask. But sadly Nya got a fever last night and it is throat infection that is going around campus. So I officially say that are in the moving to a new country sickies. We are really done being sick! But we have to continue to press on! So I am doing better, Analise better but cranky, Nya on antibiotics and Bob is doing pretty good. We love you all and miss home a lot these days. Applebees anyone! I would love to go to have my Oriental chicken salad! I miss it. Sure I would love to go shopping at Target! Just for nothing and walk out with 5 bags of nothing...I miss it. Anyways blah blah blah! Love - amy louise

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Anonymous said...

Mama ~ I will gladly shop for you at Target. What kind of nothing would you like me to get? I'm really, really good at getting nothing but I usually shop at Stuff Mart (veggie tales). You can just call me Madam Blueberry.

Love, love, love you! Auntie Zina