Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am back...

So thank you for your love and prayers. On day 10 I was up and by day 11 I was moving and doing things. Wow What a difference to be healthy. I am so glad to be back to normal whatever normal is. Analise is the one who is sick again. What more sickness you maybe thinking so did I. She has had a fever for the last 2 days. It could be random like 2 year old molars coming in late or it could be another virus. Could I ask that we continue the prayer! I really have deep faith that God hears our prayers and it really has blessed me to see how many people are with us on this journey. Thank you to all of you and you know who you are who email us and continue to pray and support us! We feel loved and cherish and WOW Loved! Nya is doing well- She has an empty left leg as my mother would say. She is loving finding foods that taste like America foods. She is picky like her momma! She has found some yougurt that is from South Africa actually it is Dannon they have it in the stores here pretty cheap. She loves that. And I found some good orange juice that she loves. She took one sip and said did you bring this from America. I said no it is from Here WOW she said I love it. Good. Baby steps to loving american tasting food in africa. A family brought homemade cinnimon rolls here to us today and she said it tasted like america. Well - that what her life revolves around. "Do you taste like america?" We love you all and wish we could share more with you like pictures but my camera is missing at the moment. So a small prayer that I find that too. You want pictures right and videos right. So thanks and will update soon- love amy louise

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