Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas time in Africa...

Just a note to say what we have accomplished this year. We moved to Africa. That is a big one. We have started our new positions here on ABC Campus. Bob is thriving teaching at the College. The students have enjoyed his classes and many stop me to tell so. We have impacted the community around us doing outreaches with the students. I ( Amy) have helped set up the xray department to run more efficient and also have done many off hour xrays here. Nya has started Kindergarten and started to read. She is loving having new friends and trying to find food she likes ( she is like her mother in that area) it should taste American. She loves the deer we now have, her very own Rudolph. Analise is loving life. Potty training, learning chichewa and is so excited when we pull up to our campus and exclaims with enthusiasm "We're home!"
So as we adjust to "We're Home" We will continue to update our little stories- Merry Christmas! Amy Louise


the bayley's said...

Freezy-Weezey and fam-

I am impressed with the stockings! It has been so long, this blog is really cool to read about all that is going on in your African adventures.

Our pets currently are the mold spores that grow in the bedroom due to all the rain and drearyness that is seattle in the winter, spring, summer, fall, winter again.

So, since blogs are cool and stuff, we have started our own blog that is currently empty because we have nothing good to say. JK!

Anyways, it's really late, and we just wanted to say high and that we think of you often.

Blessings from the rain capital of the world,

The Bayley's

God plus Four said...

Amy, you are such an inspiration and I am so proud of you!!! My heart overflows and my spirit is encouraged.
Your stockings were beautiful! Lilly commneted when she saw them that there was not the right number, in her 3 year old mind for some we had a counting lesson and all was resolved. You and the girls look wonderful and beautiful. The picture of you all in front the tree was great.
My computer is still in the fritz. I will write soon....I love you, miss you, praying for you, cheer-leading from a distance. Thank you for the awesome person you are and your desire to be all God wants you to be.
Love, Caren
P.S. I will try and send our Christmas picture soon...

The Bayley Blatherings said...

Freezey and Family-

We are excited to hear it all. We have our blog up and running, the address is

Check it out!


Matt and Amy

Joe Bohn said...

Bob, I ran into Jamie @ the airport and he gave me this sight. Anyhow, it looks like things are going pretty stellar for you. You've got a beautiful family. I hope Africa and life continue to bring you well wishes. You should of kept the monkey, though. Joe

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I ran into Jamie @ the airport and said you had this site. It looks like things are going good and you have a beautiful family. You should have kept the monkey, though. Well Wishes and Best of Life, Joe Bohn