Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas...

Here are some pictures from my friends camera that I stole for a weekend. I took pictures of the Monkey that we didn't keep and my friend Christina dancing with Analise. Last weekend the Ambassador of United States had a Christmas Party and even Santa showed up. They girls loved it after the shock.

Christina and Analise dancing to Christmas Music

The monkey that was brought to our house but we didn't keep( Thank the Lord, I don't need another animal!)

The girls not too sure

Nya and her friend Sydney from School at the Christmas Program
The school christmas program with 300 hundred kids- they were soooo good and cuteUs at the Christmas Party at the Ambassador's House About 200 Americans showed up. We had to have our passports to get in. Official!

Nya and our friends that live on Campus. The 2 girls on the right are our neighbors
Not too sure
Okay we can do it!Our christmas tree that I had shipped on the container. I love it! It is perfect Size

So here are the stockings that I sewed! WOW I know I have never touched a sewing machine until this. Have a wonderful Christmas! Love- Amy louise

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Anonymous said...

Hey Weez, good sewing project. I know you probably don't remember that I did teach you how to sew at around age 7 and you made a pair of shorts for yourself. It was so frustrating to you that you didn't want to do anything again in the sewing line. Good for you in trying again. The stockings turned out great. Love Mom