Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year...

It has been a quiet start to the year 2008 here in Africa. The College is still on break and the campus is quiet. Nya has about 1 more week of Christmas Break. It has rained every day here for a month. It is beautiful rain. Something special about rain in Africa. One day you all should experience it. It is so refreshing. We are healthy and plugging along. We have had many of the students over for dinners ( the ones that stayed on campus to work at the clinic, radio station or work as a guard at night.) It is been fun. They say that it has helped with their loneliness! Good! As we were able to take a small getaway to the lake. It was fun to go away as a family. We are doing very well here in Malawi. We have about 2 1/2 more weeks until the students come back and we are in full swing again. Bob will be teaching open air evangelism- he is going to do some thing fun like the apprentice type thing - more to come on that. 1 and 2 Corinthians and a political science class. I will be actually a class to the senior girls here on campus. That will be fun. I also will be involved with the outreach to the Lilongwe high school as you saw from earlier blogs. Also I will be helping in the clinic too. So with also being involved with the local orphanages we will be busy. As you know we have been attending a local church here which has been good. But there has been an opportunity to get involved with a new church that is being planted here by a local Malawian graduate from ABC. Yippee! we got to be apart of its beginnings. It is connected to the church in San Diego actually Flood. So it is Flood Malawi. What a treat and pray for us as we get connected with the community here! Good news from this side of the world. I found my camera! Thanks for praying. Small details that God gets involved in I love it.
So here what you can be praying for:
That as we start classes these next few weeks we would be able to see what God has in store for these classes.
That we would continue to be healthy! We have been healthy so that is huge! I love to feel good.
That as we continue on here at ABC - Lilongwe that we would be able to see God in the midst.
That our family would continue to grow stronger in our relationships and that we would be able to be an example to those around us.

We love you all and love emails! Thanks for the care packages! A little piece of home. What a treat! Thank you all for who are supporting us in prayer, financially and love. We feel it. We couldn't be here without you! Love- Amy Louise for the Stauffachers
P.S. I will be posting more pictures soon. Yippee Movies and pictures! If you have any requests of things you want to see let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, my love ~ I am soooooo excited to hear about your camera. I actually prayed about it on Wednesday, the 9th. I imagine you had found it by then which shows that God works on every time zone. :-) He answered your prayer AND mine (and the others who prayed as well). Yay!
I always copy your pictures into a folder at work & set it as a slide show screen saver so you see...what was I going to do without those precious pictures of my little blonde African girls popping up while I'm working? God knows what matters to us!